D.A.D. with support act Va Rocks on Happy Days In Hell, A Tour For The Loud 2019 – Sweden Tour – Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

D.A.D. 2019 poster - Malmo
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D.A.D. – headline act
Happy Days In Hell, A Tour For The Loud 2019 – Sweden Tour –
Va Rocks – support act

2/11 – 2019

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall

D.A.D. (or Disneyland After Dark) recently released their brand new album A PRAYER FOR THE LOUD which they currently are out supporting in Sweden. Since their latest album came 2011 it wasn’t a day too soon for the band to release new stuff. Before the new album was out, it came in May, the guys did a few shows in Denmark but the real tour began at the end of May with a lot of festival shows both in Denmark and in Europe. When the Swedish tour dates was announced several shows was immediately sold out and the Malmo show was one of them which felt really fun for the band. I think they deserve some success again after having a few rough years. The show in Malmo was held at a Saturday at the Kulturbolaget club and since it was a Saturday there were a nightclub straight after the show therefor the show had to be over by 11.30. The doors opened at 7 and Va Rocks was scheduled to be on stage at 8 and when we arrived to the club about 20 minutes before the doors opened there were already a line forming outside.

Luckily there were a photo pit which made it much easier for photographer to do their job and since the club was sold it meant there were going to be around 850 crazy fans there to see the bands. Both D.A.D and Va Rocks had a lot of merch to buy and I took a look and bought some items in wait for the show to start.

People started to dwell in and it was a long time since I saw so many people at the club waiting to see the opening act, however that depended on the fact that Va Rocks comes from Malmo and have a solid fanbase here and I guess their families and friends also were there to see them.

Va Rocks is a female rock n roll trio that slowly but steady have worked their way to the bigger stages. The band comes from Malmo and released their debut album PULL NO PUNCHES three years ago, earlier this year the follow up I LOVE VA ROCKS was unleashed and just as the debut album the follow up contains some hard hitting heavy rock n roll tunes. During 2018 the single “Here Comes Trouble” came and this year “The Code of the Road” followed and the band is now signed to Metalville Records. If you’re a fan of AC/DC or Airbourne then Va Rocks music ought to appeal to you, check them out. Even though I LOVE VA ROCKS contains a great set of songs there are only 10 of them and the album clocks in on 30 minutes which feels more of the length of an EP if you ask me. Last year the band released the single and video to the song “Here Comes Trouble”, the song is also featured on the album. It’s too bad when there isn’t much music on the album, the song could have been added as a bonus song on the disc in order to make the album a little longer.

It started to get really crowded at the club now and everyone was waiting for Va Rocks to kick off their show, when it was a few minutes left I was let into the pit and finally the evening was about to start.

Va Rocks

The intro music that started the show is the same that starts off the album and the first song out was “No More Fucks To Give” and needless to say did the crowd open their arms for the trio. As always when it comes to a show with Va Rocks it was full speed ahead from the very start and this show was no exception to that rule. “Rock And Roll” followed which was a cover of the Led Zeppelin song and the sing along from the crowd was a fact. Vollmer thanked the fans for being there saying we are Va Rocks and it’s freaking good to be home in Malmo. We have a new album out and here comes a song from it in “The Code Of The Road”. This hard hitting trio consists of:

Ida Svensson Vollmer – lead vocals, guitar
Klara Wedding – bass, vocals
Frida Rosén – drums, vocals

Vollmer is an amazing frontwoman that always gives her all during a show, she jumped, banged her head and high-kicked her way through the show and her intensity and energy is so cool to see. Vollmer had the crowd to clap their hands and then “Rockbitch” followed, once again I was blown away by the bands stage presence and they sure goes from clarity to clarity. Drummer Rosén said that the band is going to come back to Kulturbolaget in January and that we shouldn’t miss that, here comes a song from our first album called PULL NO PUNCHES, here is “Bluesman”. The song is originally a duet between Svensson Vollmer and Pontus Snibb from Bonafide but when he’s not around Rosén takes his part which she does great. The song really set the fans on fire and everyone clapped their hands at Vollmer’s command in the middle. Rosén asked if everyone was coming to the club in January when the band is going to be there and the crowd all shouted YES back at her.

Vollmer said the band managed to despite sickness and stolen band gear managed to pull off 10 shows with D.A.D all across Sweden and that it had been a fun experience. Here comes another new song in “Hit The Road” in which both Vollmer and Wedding shared the lead vocals. It felt like the new songs worked really great live and that the audience had listen to the new album and could sing along in the lyrics. Thank you Malmo I love you all Vollmer said, we are going to be in the merch stand after the show so come by and say hi to us, but first of all it’s time for our last song this night in “Here Comes Trouble”. Thanks to D.A.D for letting us tag along on their tour, it has been a great ride. Sing together with us in “Here Comes Trouble”. At the end of the song Vollmer jumped down into the photo pit playing lead guitar which only added fuel to the crazy fans at the front of the stage. When she got back on to the stage she introduced the band members after which she once again thanked Malmo for coming to the show. After some more sing along and cheering from the fans it was time to end the show with a group picture of the band with the fans in the background.

The 30 minute show rushed by and I was really surprised Va Rocks didn’t perform longer, I really had wished to see and her more from the girls since I really love their music and stage presence. The band sure got the future ahead of them and if they continue to deliver as strong material in the future as they already did then only the rock n roll sky is the limit. The trio is a well oiled rock n roll machine that really knows how to take on a crowd and they sure have toured their way to success. If I could wish for something more it would have been for Wedding to take a little more space, both Rosén and Vollmer take turns on chatting with the fans on stage and I think that Wedding should do more of that too. She is a solid singer and a great bass player, she only need to step up a little more live. Thanks for a fist-in-the-face kind of show ladies!

Set list
NMFTG intro
No More Fucks To Give
Rock and Roll
The Code of The Road
Hit The Road
Here Comes Trouble

Besides the headline backdrop there weren’t many things on stage however it took quite a while to get the stage ready. The club was now jammed with people and it was hard to even move around inside the venue. At 9 the pause music silenced and the intro that came out of the speakers proclaimed it was time for D.A.D to enter.


One by one the member walked on stage that lite up and first song out was the new “Burning Star”, it was followed straight away by the great “Evil Twin” and I have to say it was bold of the band to open the show with a brand new song. “Jihad (No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims)” continued the show and the band members are:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer – guitar
Stig “Stigge Nasty” Pedersen – bass, vocals
Laust Sonne – drums

The love from the fans had no boundaries when they heard the old classical tune and everyone sang along with Jesper in the lyrics, the song is the title track from the classical 1989 year album. “Rim Of Hell” followed and the already now the band had done a few classical picks pretty early into the show. Pedersen that always uses a lot of different bass guitars on stage changed from his see through one to a one with iron crosses on it. Jesper thanked the fans saying the band had been touring through Sweden for a while now and not everyone understood what he was saying, but since we are in Malmo now which is close to Denmark I speak Danish tonight, is that OK? We have been working on an album that has taken us 8 year to finish, are you ready for a song from it? Ok here is “Nothing Ever Changes”. Already this early in the show the heat started to rise and it was getting really hot inside the club, people was standing so close together it was hard to move and to make a move to the bar was impossible. Jesper and Pedersen moved around the most on stage while Jacob mostly stood positioned on the right side of the stage.

As soon as the fans heard the drum intro everyone knew it was time for “Everything Glows” and started to sing along. Sonne sang the chorus and he’s got a great voice, the fans sang along with him and the band did a great version of the song that went a bit faster live compared to how it goes on album. The fans sure gave the band a warm welcome and it was a long time since I last saw such an enthusiastic crowd outside Copenhagen. Jesper thanked the fans again saying it was lucky for the band they got a fan at the side of the stage because it was getting really hot on stage. “Ninteteenhundredandyesterday” taken from the EVERYTHING GLOWS album continued the show and Pedersen now had his backwards bass guitar on. Even though the band had been playing for the last 10 days there were no sign of tiredness, contrary the guys have their all and delivered a rock solid shows to the fans. Jesper asked if the fans wanted to hear one more song, are you ready for a new song in “A Prayer For the Loud” he asked and the fans all shouted yes. The new songs worked really well live and it felt like they found their natural spot in the set list.

After change of guitars Jacob played the intro to the next song which drove the fans to madness in “Grow Or Pay”, a true crowd pleaser. On each side of the stage there were two boxes built up for the band to stand on, in “Grow Or Pay” the Binzer brothers walked up on each box standing on each side of the stage playing guitar. A longer guitar solo by Jacob ended the song and there I was thinking the band had abandoned the extensive guitar solos, my mistake.

Jesper wanted the fans to listen to what he had to say, we are going to play another new song, are you up for another new tune? Here is “The Sky Is Made Of Blues”. The band now had been firing of quite a lot of new songs which was bold, many fans probably wanted to hear the old classical tunes from the JIHAD – NO FUELS LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS or RISKIN IT ALL albums but the band challenged the fans to some new songs this night. Pedersen took the mic saying it was time to get really nostalgic, when we were called Disneyland After Dark we wrote the next song called “Jackie O”. It’s too bad that Pedersen doesn’t sing more lead vocals nowadays because he has got a great voice, the songs transcended into “Riding With Sue” also sung by Pedersen, and even if I like “Riding With Sue” I had gladly heard Pedersen sing another song of his like “Black Crickets”. While Jacob pulled off another long solo Pedersen walked around the stage pretending to paddle with his bass guitar. “The Real Me” and the boring “Recondstrucdead” followed which is another song the band doesn’t cut out from the set list. The song taken from the bands lowpoint album HELPYOURSELFISH is not a favorite of mine and I had rather heard them playing something else. At the end of the song Jesper asked if the fans had said hello to Laust, do you know that Laust loves jazz music, Malmo hates jazz. Laust have been taken classes Jesper continued saying, three times per week he’s learning how to play metal, and should we hear if he had learnt something? Come on Laust play some thrash metal!! Laust and the band did a short thrash metal version of the song which sounded really furious and mean until the band went back to the original version. It was a funny and unexpected version of the song that’s for sure.

“I Want What She’s Got” and “Monster Philosophy” carried on the show as well as “No Doubt About It” which followed. Jesper wanted the fans to give a hand for his brother Jacob on guitar and said that Laust now had been in school for 15 years and have a huge urge to show off his talent and what he can do, say after me – god damn it Laust we love you. That was repeated a few times and then Jesper said come on he’s only 44 years young and laughed and had the fans to scream come on Laust we want to marry you. With that the song ended and Jesper said that Malmo had been great and that the band loved us here. The guys walked off the stage and by then 95 minutes had passed. The fans immediately started to shout for encores and the band shortly returned firing off “Bad Craziness” as the first encore.

Pedersen played on his rocket bass and the sing along was monumental. This was sure one of the songs the fans had been waiting to hear the most this night. Thanks everyone Jesper said, today it’s Saturday and tomorrow it’s Sunday and then we’re all going to take it easy and “Sleeping My Day Away”. Yet another of the bands biggest hits and the club exploded with happy fans. As always Jesper let the fans sing the first verse and the fired up audience did the best they could to make the song justice. Another long solo by Jacob extended the song which made the song lose momentum. We all know that he is great at guitar and he doesn’t need to show off on guitar no more.

Sonne and Pedersen walked off stage and it was only Jesper and Jacob left with two acoustical guitars and by then we all knew what song that was up next. Here comes an early Christmas gift to you all here in Malmo Jesper said and fired off the epic “Laugh n a Half”. Everyone in the club sang along in the masterpiece and a show without this song isn’t a full blown show. Pedersen and Sonne came back on stage and everyone knew which song it was time for, the song that allmost always end a D.A.D show sung by the one and only Pedersen in “It’s After Dark” which is one of my favorite songs by the band. Naturally the sing along was epic and the shared lead vocals between Jesper and Pedersen always works out brilliant. That magical tune ended nearly 120 minutes of great music from the best Danish act ever, the fans all clapped their hands cheering for the guys that smiled and left the stage.

The show didn’t disappoint me at all, D.A.D always delivers strong shows and even on a bad day they still are better than many other live acts. It was a smart move to have the two huge boxes one each side of the stage which made the guys come up a bit to see the fans in the back.

Even though the band had been performing for 10 days the guys felt fresh and energetic, the set list included many new songs which felt bold but fun and it was nice to hear some new material. The new songs worked really well amongst the older classical ones and they made the show feel fresh and spontaneous. However I missed songs taken from the SIMPATICO, SOFT DOGS and SCARE YOURSELF albums, all those ones includes some really great songs as well but I guess when you have such a huge back catalogue as D.A.D it’s hard to pick songs. Pedersen always, at least before, use to dress up as a character during the show but it seems like he’s been laying off that during the later years, too bad because it was always fun to see what he was up to. I also missed his rocket hat/or rocket bass that threw sparks that he had on during one of the encores, that always added that little extra to the show.

Otherwise the show was as great as only a D.A.D show can be and the guys always deliver some solid stuff and this show was no exception to that rule. If you have a chance to see the band do it, they won’t disappoint you. The band is going to do another round of tour next year and already a few big shows have been announced in Denmark.


Set list
Burning Star
Evil Twin
Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
Rim Of Hell
Nothing Ever Changes
Everything Glows
A Prayer For The Loud
Grow Or Pay
Jackie O
Riding With Sue
The Real Me
I Want What She’s Got
Monster Philosophy
No Doubt About It
Bad Craziness
Sleeping My Day Away
Laugh n a Half
It’s After Dark

Thanks to Totte Lundgren head of Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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Thanks to the always friendly staff and security at the club.

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