Amon Amarth Arch Enemy Hypocrisy – IceHall Helsinki Finland

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The  Swedish Viking metallers Amon Amarth’s crusade across the world has continued successfully. The band has reached another level of the success and played in huge arenas and had several sold-out shows both in Europe and North America. The  Swedish metal invasion arrived at the Finnish soil when Hypocrisy Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth as a headliner conquered the old legendary Ice Hall. The capacity of the venue had been limited to 3000 as black curtains had covered the seats. Therefore the event was totally sold out a long time ago. 

Hypocrisy led by Peter Tantgren opened the night of the Swedish metal invasion. The four-piece delivered a short set with seven songs in 40 minutes. Therefore Hypocrisy didn’t have that much room and an opportunity of putting their best. This gig was more a filled up slot.  The sound policy was a little bit shabby, but it got improved better song by song. An opening band usually tends to suffer from a bit of bit distorted sound quality. Besides the half of the audience had arrived on time to check Hypocrisy out. The band had recruited a session bassist André Skaug who turned out to be an enthusiastic performer and enjoyed having fun with the audience.  Hypocrisy pulled the set thru with the professional attitude as Peter Tangtgren is a “hard as iron” performer behind the mic and on the guitar.  By the way, Tangtren had a shirt of a killer old school death metal Asphyx   !! Kudos for that !! Hopefully, Hypocrisy will arrive at Finland for a gig of their own.

Fractured Millennium
Adjusting the Sun
Fire in the Sky
The Final Chapter
The Gathering
Roswell 47

After the short break Arch Enemy hit the stage next. The gig was kicked off by “The World is Yours”.  Arch Enemy is always a guaranteed great live band as they know how to entertain the audience and how to create a dulcet show. Being an opening band and between other bands ain’t the most idealistic place for Arch Enemy to bring the most passionate show. However, Alissa White-Gluz was a ducadell bunny running and moving all over the stage. Whereas Ammott and D’Angelo shared the stage with their input and focused on playing. As for Jeff Loomis, he always shreds on the guitar by focusing on playing. Loomis appeared to have a little bit less active mood onstage. He is a fantastic player indeed, if he has room enough in Arch Enemy? The setlist consisted of the known tunes such as “War Eternal”, “Ravenous”. The group has a huge amount of great songs, and it was always an utter pleasure to listen to them.  Both Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy have a lot of the same fanbase,  the audience did enjoy the set and there were nice pits and shaking their fists in the air. It was vivid the crowd had entered to see Amon Amarth.

The World Is Yours
War Eternal
My Apocalypse
Under Black Flags We March
The Eagle Flies Alone
First Day in Hell
As the Pages Burn
No Gods, No Masters
Dead Bury Their Dead

As stated above the Viking metallers Amon Amarth has smoothly risen to another level of the success step by step. When Amon Amarth visited Finland at the Tuska festival in early 2000, they played at the small stage in a tent in front of a nice amount of people. At that time it was quite impossible to predict Amon Amarth would be a huge name nearly 20 years later. The five-piece definitely deserves the huge respect for being loyal to the roots and sounds, even though venues have become bigger and bigger within 20 years.

The 90-minute set consisted of songs picked up from seven albums. The opening song “Raven’s Flight” kicked off the massive pyro and fire show off and was immediately followed by  “Runes To My Memory”. As the newest album BERSERKER came out earlier this year, the four songs were played off that release. The set was a good balance of new and old stuff by Amon Amarth. Songs like “Guardians Of Asgaard” and “The Pursuit Of Vikings” are more than obvious choices on a setlist of each gig of Amon Amarth.

The band has invested a lot on the visual side. The whole show was one hell of a fire performance from the beginning to the end. Frankly, the pyros and all fire effects looked absolutely amazing. The band had to move quite carefully not getting burnt by the pyros.  Besides pyros, Amon Amarth has always had some battles of Viking soldiers onstage as they had now. The rising drum kit on a Viking helmet was something new, but it looked fabulous. The whole visual aspect of the show seemed genuinely amazing. It is awesome metal bands still have encouragement to invest and create memorable visual shows as Amon Amarth did. Especially Amon Amarth has become such a big name, therefore they can offer an entertaining show.


1. Raven’s Flight
2. Runes to my Memory
3. Death in Fire
4. Deceiver of the Gods
5. First Kill
6. Fafner’s Gold
7. Crack the Sky
8. The Way of Vikings
9. Prediction of Warfare
10. Shield Wall
11. Guardians of Asgaard
12. Raise Your Horns