THOR-Return Of The Thunderhawk (DVD Review)

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December 2019
Released: 2019 / Deadline/Cleopatra
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

A couple of years back the mighty THOR released a documentary called I AM THOR.  I enjoyed it and reviewed it on this site, and is was a bit of a hit on the indie film circuit and even got a well received DVD release.  Naturally success spawns more demand and more success and it was perhaps inevitable that another documentary was released soon after.

THE RETURN OF THE THUNDERHAWK billed as ‘The Sequel to I AM THOR  was issued as a bonus disc on the latest full-length studio album by THOR called HAMMER OF JUSTICE. I was a bit disappointed that it did not get a stand-alone DVD release, to the best of my knowledge. This movie didn’t seem to have quite the hype as the first one but it is no less enjoyable.

RETURN OF THE THUNDERHAWK is essentially an extended road movie covering the ‘Beyond The Pain Barrier’ North American tour and select large festival dates in Europe. Although the film was shot on a budget it is edited well and flows well.  As per your standard ‘behind the scenes’ road movie we get all the intimate footage of Thor and the band one could want.  I really appreciated that the film founded on the members of the band as well.  In fact, in the beginning Thor states the first documentary was about him, this one is more about the band.  There are plenty of interviews with the band about how they came to be in the band.  Thor used to hop to city to city and practice with local hired guns and now there is much more of a cohesive band feel with a stable line-up, perhaps the longest and most stable in his long and stored career.

I had the very great pleasure of working with Thor on this tour for a couple of days and it was enormous fun and I found it gratifying to see how the lengthy tour played out. There were many highlights, many of which being his triumphant return to MuskelRock Fest.  The film is laid back and not contrived.  In many of these road movies the band in question feels they have to be ‘on’ and play to the camera (making faces and showing all the time etc) but there is a sense of calm (mostly) as the working class musicians get on with the business and don’t play it up.

RETURN OF THE THUNDERHAWK is a fun and engaging glimpse into a year in the life of Canada’s longest running, most prolific, Metal artist.