Cyhra with support on The Swedish Tour 2019 at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Cyhra – Headline

The Swedish Tour 2019
Writing The Future – Support act
Tungsten – Support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo
9/10 – 2019

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall

The first show of fall for me was the super-group Cyhra at Kulturbolaget in Malmo Sweden. The band was first formed by Jesper Strömblad (ex-In Flames) and Jake E (ex-Amaranthe) back in 2017. The guys also recruited the ex- In Flames bass player Peter Iwers and the ex-Annihilator, Axxis and now Kamelot drummer, Alex Landeburg, to their super-group and the constellation. The same year,the band’s debut album LETTERS TO MYSELF was released but pretty soon after the release Iwers left the band and the year after the band added guitarist Euge Valovirta ( ex- Shining), and soon after that Strömblad announced he had to take a break. Despite the turmoil in the band the guys have been able to do a few shows and today the band is signed to Nuclear Blast and the 15th of November the new album NO HALOS IN HELL is about to unveil. Before the band came to Sweden they did 5 shows in Finland and along with them they had different support acts. In Malmo, Writing The Future and Tungsten were supporting and the bands landed in Malmo on a Wednesday which meant there were no nightclub straight after the show at the best club in Sweden Kulturbolaget.

It was strange that the club wasn’t sold out, after all Cyhra is well known and popular in Sweden and Tungsten consists of Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Hammerfall etc) and Mike Andersson (Cloudscape etc) amongst others which both lives outside Malmo. I really hoped that people was going to turn up at the club despite the cold weather and the fact that there are a pretty jammed concert season in Malmo. After having standing in a short line waiting outside the club we were soon let inside and as soon as I came in I checked out the Cyhra merch, unfortunately there weren’t a photo pit this night which meant it was going to be a bit rough to take pictures. The Cyhra merch didn’t include much but a few t-shirts one cd-single, why not bring the new album and make it an offer or have the old one for sale on cd and vinyl? Tungsten contrary offered t-shirts, Anders Johansson’s autobiography and the vinyl version of the album, I couldn’t see any CD’s and when I asked for it they said it was sold out when they performed in Helsingborg the weekend before this show. Strange that they didn’t have it with them to this show, it’s the perfect way to sell some cd’s, bad move by Tungsten.


First out for the night was the local act Tungsten and one by one the members came out on stage. “As I’m Falling” was the first song out and as soon as the band showed up the fans clapped their hands in support for the band. “Misled” continued the show, Andersson tried to move around on stage but it was hard because of the small space they were offered as opening act. The lighting left more to wish for and it was in fact pretty dark on stage, the sound system worked better and made the bands melodic metal justice. The band consists of:

Anders Johansson – drums
Karl Johansson – bass, screams
Nick Johansson – guitar
Mike Andersson – lead vocals

The band felt solid and tight musicwise and all of the members are really skilled on their instruments, on album there are a lot of keyboards in the music but live those parts were narrowed down, also the folk music influences the band incorporates in their music was more settle live.

Andersson thanked the fans saying it was fun to be in Malmo, we are Tungsten and it’s an honor to be the opening act here tonight. Here comes “Sweet Vendetta”. Siblings Nick and Karl felt a little nervous on stage while their father Anders behind the drums was solid as a rock. Nothing can stop that drumming legend. Despite their nervousness the guys did a great job on stage and delivered some heavy and edgy bass/guitar works.

Someone that usually always deliver a solid performance is Andersson, unfortunately his appearance left a little more to wish for this night. His voice sounded a bit tired and strained and he usually sound a lot better live. Of course he did an OK job but I am used to see him perform stronger than he did this night. It was really nice to see Johansson live in action behind the drums in such close up, usually he sits further way back on stage doing his thing but this night since he and his band was the opening he sat a lot closer to the edge of the stage which made it easier to see him pounding the hell out of his drums.

Andersson thanked once again saying next song is “Coming Home”, the crowd was pretty calm standing still watching the show. The album is pretty new and many in the club hadn’t maybe not heard the songs until this night which made it hard to sing along of course. “The Fairies Dance” followed after which Andersson said that all fun must come to an end and we have only one more song to play. Thanks to Kulturbolaget and Cyhra for letting us coming here tonight, and thanks to all of you for coming to the show tonight. We’re going to leave you with the first single from our new album and it’s about always rise up when you have had a hard time, here is “We Will Rise”.

That ended 30 minutes of Tungsten music and the time flew by really fast. I had wished to see and hear more from the band since I think their music is really good. The bands well played melodic metal felt more raw live and didn’t include the folk music influences that it does on album, and the keyboards parts wasn’t as obvious live compared to on album either, however that isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. It was a good show but there were a few elements that needed to be improved like the Andersson’s voice that sounded a bit soar and the nervousness amongst the siblings, however that are smaller things that can be fixed. Just let Andersson’s voice rest for a while and the nervousness ought to be gone after a few more live shows. If the band can fix that to the next time I see them I’m going to be convinced.

Set list
As I’m Falling
Sweet Vendetta
Coming Home
The Fairies Dance
We Will Rise

Time for a change of gear and the next band was waiting to do their thing, since there weren’t so much gear to change it all went pretty fast and it all took about 20 minutes. Writing The Future is apparently a new band from Gothenburg Sweden formed back in 2010. The guys have released one album and been out on a European tour. The band currently released an EP and maybe we were going to hear material from that during the night.

Writing The Future

The show began with a lot of energy that the band actually managed to maintain through out the show. The bar was set and the guys didn’t disappoint the fans with their alternative metal/metalcore music. The singer urged the crowd to come a little closer to the stage as the next song followed. Thank you all for coming here tonight he said and fired off the next song. The four piece act did their best to get the crowd going, however I thought their music wasn’t much to cheer for. There wasn’t much that stood out music wise for me, however it felt like parts of the crowd really liked what they saw and heard. The band did a few songs from the new EP which the singer said could be bought at the merch stand.

After the final song for the night the singer thanked for the support and that it had been nice to be in Malmo. The band performed for about 30 minutes and what can I say, it was lucky they didn’t play for longer. For me the music and show did nothing and I was quite bored. But the guys knew how to take on a crowd and knew how to handle their instruments and parts of the crowd seemed to enjoy the music.

Again the work on changing the gear began and people started to get eager to see the evening main act. A backdrop portraying the cover art work of the new Cyhra album was put up as well as a few mics, a drum set and amps. I happened to read a live review of the band before they came to Sweden and read that Alex Landenburg isn’t with the band on tour, he is out with Kamelot in USA, also Strömblad is missing in action in the band. Instead Adde Larsson is taking on the drums and Marcus Sunesson fills in on guitar. It feels a bit strange that the band insists on heading out on tour when two of the members isn’t along for the ride and since the new album hasn’t come out yet not many fans was going to be able to sing along in the songs.

Cyhra is a Swedish/Finnish super group which plays melodic metal and their debut album LETTERS TO MYSELF came 2017. Cyhra haven’t performed anything in Sweden besides a show in their hometown of Gothenburg so it was the first time I got to see the band live so I was really curious to see what their music was going to sound like live. However I was a bit bummed that Strömblad wasn’t along with the band on tour, after all he is a living legend in the metal community.


“Letter To Myself” opened the show and the fans screamed from the top of their lungs when they saw the band live on stage. “Muted Life” followed instantly and the sound system worked perfect and the lights worked OK, why the club doesn’t use their grand light system to the fullest during shows is the big question. Cyhra consists of:

Jake E – lead vocals
Euge Valovirta – guitar
Ade Larsson – drums
Marcus Sunesson – guitar

Jake E thanked the crowd on English, he explained why he spoke in English with that the band had a member that didn’t understand Swedish this night, it was Valovirta that is from Finland he meant. Valvirta said he understood Swedish but no one in the band understood what he was saying and laughed. Ok, Jake E said and laughed let’s continue this night in Swedish, we are Cyhra and as you can see Alex is missing in action tonight, he’s out with another band, that’s why we have Ade Larsson filling in for him. Jesper isn’t with us tonight either, he is home and Marcus Larsson is filling his space. We have a new album which is due to be released at the 15th of November and here is the song “Dreams Gone Wrong” from that album.

The new song sounded a bit more melodic compared to their other songs and the same went for all of the songs, live the keyboard parts were taken down and the band instead relied on guitars. It felt strange not to see a bass player or a keyboard player live but that’s only my opinion. Jake E said it was fun to be in Malmo this night and that the next song was an older one, “Heartage” then followed which woke up the crowd once again. It felt like the crowd had a hard time connecting with the new songs and instead focused on singing along in the older ones that they actually had heard before. Jake E did an amazing job on stage and really showed what a great stage persona he is. His voice was brilliant and he really impressed me big time. Jake E said that on the new album he wrote a song that really mattered a lot to him which was about his brother that committed suicide 10 years ago. This is our next single/video and please remember that you all have someone that cares a lot about you, never forget that, here comes “Battle From Within”. The song was great and really emotional and there was no doubt the song mattered a lot to Jake E, please make sure to check out the video and the song after you read the review, it’s an important piece to watch.

All of the members but drummer Larsson walked off stage and it was time for a drum solo, he did a shorter solo after which Valovirta and Sunesson came out joining him throwing a lead guitar part. Their work led up to “I Am The One” and Jake E had everyone to shout hey hey with him. The members had a good time together and let Valovirta and Sunesson take place in the middle of the stage when it was time for their solo parts. Jake E said that this song was yet another new track from the new album and said that the ones in the crowd that didn’t like it could clap their hands now, a few did and Jake E laughed and said that there’s always someone who’s going to think the opposite. While he was talking a crew member came out with a chair and a note, Jake E read the note saying well it seems like we have a couple that got engaged, this song is for you and “Inside A Lullaby” followed. The rest of the band sat down listening to when Jake E sang the song and the music was recorded on backtrack. It looked a bit funny when no one was playing but there still was music to the song, Jake E looked at Valovirta saying – play an engagement solo which he stood up and did. Jake E wanted to see everyone’s hands in the air during the solo and that ended the song.

“Man Of Eternal Rain” followed after which Jake E looked at Valovirta asking if he thought the song turned out OK, Valovirta said yes and Jake E said that if Moomin dad thought it went OK then it was OK. Jake E tried to have a sing along with the fans but it didn’t work out too well because most of the fans hadn’t heard the song before. Now it’s time for “Here To Save You” Jake E said and if the start of the show felt a bit nervous and rocky the second part of the show was solid as a rock and more comfortable. The sing along went much better in this song and the band seemed really happy with the support.

It was time to play the first single from the new album in “Out Of My Life” and the fans sang along in the chorus when Jake E reached out the mic to them. “Closure” and “Karma” followed and Jake E said the band had a great time in Malmo and that they will come back. “Karma” ended the 70 minute show but before the band walked off the stage one of the crew members took a picture of them with the crowd in the background. The crowd shouted for encores but realized pretty soon that the show was over when they heard the outro music.

Well Cyhra sure surprised me to be honest, I didn’t expect them to be this explosive and their music to be heavier live compared to on album. Jake E is a great frontman and singer and really kept the crowd going. The rest of the band felt solid and the two session members did a great job filling in for the members who was missing in action. Maybe the set list included a bit too many new songs which made the show lose momentum for a while, at the moment there are only one single/video out from the new album, but I guess the band wanted to try on some new material on the audience on the tour. 70 minutes felt a bit too short for a headline act and I had wished for at least 90 minutes and a few encores from the band. It felt a bit strange to only see two of the original members and not a bass player on stage however the ones on stage did a great job nevertheless.

Overall it was a nice night at Kulturbolaget and I was pleasantly surprised by Cyhra’s music live. Make sure to check out the new album NO HALOS IN HELL which is coming out at the 15th of November.



Set list
Blood Brothers (intro)
Letter To Myself
Muted Life
Dreams Gone Wrong
Battle From Within
I Am The One
Inside A Lullaby
Man Of Eternal Rain
Here To Save You
Out Of My Life
Forever (outro)

Thanks to the staff and security at the club and to the head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass.

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