Steelchaos – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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8. – 9.11.2020

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Extreme metal lives more than well in Finland.  SteelChaos was a perfect event of combining the rawest black metal along with the old school German thrash metal. The two-day fest once again offered the most obscure vulgar and grotesque performances by several extreme groups and bands during the two days. The whole two-day event was totally sold as 1000 people per night had crawled in to testify the barbaric nihilistic as well as old school thrashing sets. If you missed Steelchaos, do not miss SteelChaos next May. 

The opening act was the domestic black metal squad Black Beast. The band had just released the brand new opus titled INFERNAL TORMENTOR NECROCORPSE. The raw and nihilistic black metal sounded truly splendid. The singer had dressed to a bit similar-looking outlook as Blasphemy.  The band hammered the barbaric set with the intensive grip even though the venue was still half empty.

The Polish black metal squad Blaze Of Perdition offered a surprisingly great set of the darkish sounding black metal. The material sounded both raw and eerie sounding darkish approach. The combo handled the gig in a sophisticated way by now communicating with the audience or having any other speeches. All the songs were played as focused on playing and performance. Frankly how awesome Blaze Of Perdition’s set was, came out of blue.

The Finnish grand old black metal patrol Barathrum has been spreading the death and destruction since the ’80s. The squad enjoys the maniac cult following and had gone thru the colourful history thru these years. Despite the singer’s reputation of being one hell of a character, the band arranged the vicious and brutal set of the eerie sounding black metal.  Barathrum is supposed to be dangerous and unpredictable. Well, at least the singer didn’t blow a grenade and nicely placed it on the drum stand. Anyway, Barathrum’s set consisted of all the essential songs such as “Warmetal”,”Angelburner”,”Saatana”..

Behexen being another Finnish black metal patrol, took the stage next. The band’s barbaric and nihilistic approach appealed to the crowd that went entirely nuts. Behexen didn’t show any mercy, just pure evilness, and above all, both the performance and the playing was extremely tight and intensive. The band has gigged quite a lot and brought that experience to their live presence and performance. Behexen is definitely one of the leading names in the Finnish black metal scene as they have really deserved it.

The German thrash legends Destruction hit the stage next. The band’s 13th(it depends on how to calculate all of them) full-length album with new thrash hymns saw the light of day earlier this year.  The band didn’t hesitate to play three newer songs along with the classic tunes. The newer songs sounded pretty thrashy with the approach of their own. Destruction has always been a tight live band onstage, and there was no exception in their playing and manners at Steelchaos. The audience arranged nice-looking pits

Another Polish group Mgla have gained fantastic status during the past few years. The four-piece has reached for the massive level of success. Even though Mgla was quite the tedious live act, but the music itself sounded so catchy. Each song has catchy riffs and elements, creating the more spell bounding atmosphere.  The band as usually didn’t have any speeches or other gimmicks, just let the music float and people enjoyed the set. Was it the most excellent Mgla gig ever on the Finnish soil- frankly Mgla always offers quite a safety and guaranteed gig without any surprises. Th






Krypts presented the more death metal approach whereas other bands stood for black and thrash metal

The multinational The Committee was one of the expected bands at the fest. The bassist’s six-string bass and his skills couldn’t be ignored at all. It is quite rare to witness a six-string bass in a black metal band. The Committee could have been a little bit aggressive and intensive onstage as the band sounds more vicious on albums. However, The Committee did a stable job onstage.

The Norwegian black metal patrol Nordjevel sounded barbaric and raw at Brutal Assault last summer. Therefore seeing them in a door venue was quite expected. The group stands for the newer generation of the Norska svart metal scene, even though their approach has elements from the early 90’s black metal. The band sounded indeed raw and barbaric, even though the sounds weren’t that sharp at that point. That didn’t prevent them from spreading the most intensive set of raw black metal. Their frenzied playing was full of aggression and defiance without slowing down at all.

Ancient made to the headlines in the Finnish tabloids in the late ’90s, when a couple of guys literally dismembered a dead body of their friend and finally ate some pieces. Ancient’s songs and music inspired them to commit to that crime. However Ancient has been on hiatus for a while until now the frontman  Aphazel resurrected the legendary band. Ancient performed the debut album Svartalvheim entirely. Although the band had been on hiatus for a long time, Aphazel and companies succeeded in wiping the dust from their shoulders. As a result, they sounded great. Aphazel had, of course, the well-known trademark on his head, even though it was a substitute to the crown of thorns. The 25-year-old material of Svartalvheim sounded tremendous and timeless.

Sodom headlined the second day of the Steelchaos festival by offering a real old school set of the blackened thrash metal of the ’80s. The set was kicked by “Silence is Consent” and was followed by an amount of the classic tunes such as “Sodomy And Last”, “Outbreak Of Evil” and of course “Nuclear Winter”. Frankly, Sodom could fabricate the setlist by adding some not so often played gems. Angelripper and the company hammered the audience down as brutal and ruthless pits broke out several times. Sweating bodies got thrown over the safety barrier. The security guys were quite impassive to catch crowd surfers before they hit the floor the head first. Blackfire’s role in Sodom is undisputed as he burst out the catchy playing as well as the second guitarist York. The drummer Husky sounded tight. Sodom’s set was a pure triumph of the old school thrash metal.

The whole Steelchaos indoor festival was definitely an amazing experience. The arrangements and all the facilities worked tremendously. I shall bet that extreme metal worshippers out there are looking for and keeping their eyes on several festivals. SteelChaos, and of course SteelFest, are ones which have to be seen and experienced. The whole line-up of the festival was amazing! Above all, the whole two day event was totally sold out. Whenever  there will be another SteelChaos pt, but where and when, keep your eyes peeled for it! Before SteelFest