Malmo Festival 2019 with band’s Dressed To Thrill, Liv Sin, Danko Jones, The Sounds etc Malmo, Sweden

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Malmo Festival 2019

Dressed To Thrill, Liv Sin, Social Pretender, Cobra Cult @ Rock Stage
Danko Jones, The Sounds @ Grand Square

Malmo, Sweden
9-16/8 2019

Live reviews and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

And so was it once again time for the annual Malmo Festival that this year was the 35th one so far. As always the festival is free and includes shows, performances, happenings, spoken words, events for kids and teens, food from all over the world and a lot more. The festival runs for a week and last year the Swedish DJ from Swedish House Mafia Steve Angello broke the record with 28000 people witnessing his show at the grand square the last night of the festival. At the end of April the festival released the first names to the line up which were Little Jinder and Seinabo Sey. The spring went on without the festival launching any harder acts which was a disappointment to a lot of hard rock and metal lovers. A few years back the festival dedicated one day to harder music and acts like Testament, The Haunted, Entombed, Hammerfall, The Hellacopters, Joan Jett, and Backyard Babies have performed. The past years the festival totally ignored the hardrock/metal fans and that was when a few dedicated souls decided the start up the Rock Stage where only harder music acts is featured.

One new stage that popped up this year was the Malmo stage where only local acts performed, besides that stage there were the usual stage at the grand square, the Gustav Stage, the Blues tent, the Swingmusic tent, and the Rock Stage. Concerts were also held inside the biggest church in the down town area called St Petri church. To be honest there weren’t many acts that spoke to me this year, not at the main stages or at the Rock Stage, however the Rock Stage organizers book their bands without any help from the main festival so I thought that even though I wasn’t too eager to see most of the bands there I decided to go and show my support to the stage and to be loyal to the harder acts. A few of the bands performing at the Rock Stage were The Hawkins, Electric Hydra, Acid’s Trip, Babian, Cobra Cult, Liv Sin, Bonafide, Pretty Wild and Metalite.

Past year’s the Rock Stage was placed inside a huge tent but not this year, now the stage was out in the open which made it more sensitive to rain. And just to make it all more annoying the Swedish government decided to ban all smoking at public places like at cafés, outside stores and shopping malls and at bus and train stops. Now the smokers are pointed to certain areas to smoke and it felt really ridiculous not to smoke at a festival.


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