Coffins – Beyond the Circular Demise

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Coffins – Beyond the Circular Demise
Reviewed: November, 2019
Released: 2019, Relapse Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Tokyo’s Coffins continue to be one of the most prolific bands in the metal underground scene today. With a catalog of full lengths, splits, EPs, one-offs and miscellaneous rotten debris at least three dozen entries deep, I’m not exactly sure where BEYOND THE CIRCULAR DEMISE clocks into that count. I can, however, confidently declare that this is the band’s first new full length collection of tunes since 2013’s THE FLESHLAND. I can also declare that BEYOND THE CIRCULAR DEMISE is possibly the best collection of material in the band’s vast catalog to date.

Roiling in the dirtiest, dankest bowels of death metal this side of Incantation and Autopsy, Coffins have long excelled at the art of doom laden death without changing much of their recipe along the way. But with each successive release, the tunes get tighter, meaner, darker and just all together more menacing – leading us directly to this latest batch of tunes. Out of the gate, “Terminate by Own Prophecy” bursts from the mausoleum with d-beats and sludgy riffs like raging like a zombie looking for a meal. Tracks like “The Tranquil End” and “Birth Postmortem” stand out as classic Coffins fodder, opting for the slower and lower approach but punching just as hard, while the epic 9-minute closer opts for more traditional doom riffs and some genuine melody lines towards the latter half of the tune.

Every time I’ve listened to this record, I walk away thinking F@#K, that’s the heaviest thing I’m going to hear today. Props to the band’s lone original mainstay Uchino for continuing to dole out riffs this terrifying after almost 25-years into the game. And equal props to Coffins’ latest vocalist Jun Tokita; I didn’t think it was possible to get any more guttural than Ryo’s performance on THE FLESHLAND, but I’m stoked to have been proven wrong – the guy is a vocal MONSTER.

There are plenty of bands who you can accuse of releasing the “same” album year after year, but much fewer in that camp who are consistently stepping their game up along the way – Bolt Thrower, Incantation, Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse, and of course – Coffins. BEYOND THE CIRCULAR DEMISE is a crushing album from a legendary band; prepare for your own demise by checking this out.


Track List:
1. Terminate by Own Prophecy
2. The Tranquil End
3. Forgotten Cemetery
4. Impuritious Minds
5. Hour of Execution
6. Insane
7. Birth Postmortem
8. Gateways to Dystopia


Uchino – Guitars
Satoshi – Drums
Jun Tokita – Vocals
Masafumi Atake – Bass