Entombed A.D. + Aborted + Baest @ The Dome, London

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Entombed A.D. + Aborted + Baest

@The Dome

18th October

Review by Ambra Chilenwa

Unsure of where to begin for this performance – this much headbanging from me hasn’t been done in a long time. The set was introduced by new and respected Danish death metal piece Baest, whose music made it impossible for the London audience to keep still.

Baest – Copenhell 2019

The microphone echoed gruesome and inhuman vocals from Simon Olsen as you could absorb the sacrifice and dedication he has for his music as he was interactive with those attending. The entire band displayed excellent stage presence and you could tell that they love what they put so much labour and investment into as a new band.

The crowd was getting larger and ears were torn apart by the splendid breakdowns and blast beats. This is definitely the band worth adding to your Scandinavian death metal collection.

Baest – Copenhell 2019

The next band was the one that generated astoundingly crushing production of grindcore and death – Aborted.

The stage was layered with corpses, all grotesque and grim to complete the chaos. The riffs and sounds were possessing, which had everyone running in circles, which was eventually ruined by a crowdkiller. Unlike some bands, guitar solos are usually improvised and messy but with Aborted you could sense the precision and technicality in their guitar solos as they were very organised.

Another element to add to the intensity was Sven’s fierce vocals which demanded everyone create a wall of death; his presence was wild, ferocious and powerful. The Dome audience were either getting goosebumps or linking arms and headbanging – this band continues to surprise the death metal scene.

Concluding Friday’s night was the group of legendary Swedes highlighting Entombed’s and Grave’ influences. It’s great to talk about how respectable is it for L-G Petrov to keep the band thriving and they opened the set with a slow, groovy riff. The vocal delivery resulted in stage diving and some more headbanging along with the distorted, down-tuned guitar riffing drawing from hard rock – bass could be felt by your feet.

A pleasantly alluring show by the group, whom have so much more to bring to death metal.