Entombed A.D Aborted Baest – Helsinki Finland

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Entombed, Aborted, Baest

The 27th of October 2019
On The Rock
Helsinki Finland

Gigs on Sunday have always been kind of risky events for organizations and clubs because people don’t usually go out a day before the workday. Even though known bands play on Sunday, they don’t pull the crowd quite enough to gigs. However, seeing the sold-out announcement for the Baest/Aborted/Entombed A.D. gig was a pleasant surprise as the people had indeed entered to see these bands. Approximately 200-300 death metal bangers had arrived at the On The Rocks club

The Danish death metal combo Baest presented the newer generation of the death metal genre. The five-piece has released two albums, the latest one titled VENENUM was released by Century Media. The band had gained some fanbase when visiting Tuska Festival in 2018. The band’s intensive and tight performed convinced the Tuska crowd. As for their gig as an opening act for Aborted and Entombed A.D, the Danish men truly crushed. Baest has ladled the influences of both Entombed and Death. Above all, a song titled “As Below So Above” sounded like a Death song. The singer turned out to be a real relentless frontman, moving from one side and another aggressively, demanding the audience go nuts. Baest proved to be one heck of a live band. The band has gigged and toured a lot that has brought the needed strength and tightness to their live performance. The band was brutal and above all bloody awesome.

The Belgium Aborted have as well visited Finland a couple of times and reached the small, but loyal fanbase. The floor was kind of riot area when several pits and circle pit broke out. The club was packed when Aborted was terrorizing and grinding onstage. Aborted has always been brutal and savage onstage and the gig as a supporter for Entombed A.D. wasn’t any exception. The band’s tight and raging grinding riffs and songs made the audience go berserk in the pits and do some old school stage diving. The vocalist Sven De Caluwe’s hype moving onstage was wild and relentless and uncontrolled. He enjoyed seeing the audience go insane. Aborted sounded extremely tight and skilled. Especially the drummer’s tight, but flexible playing style was amazing. Aborted’s grinding death metal works perfectly in a small club environment, creating the most intensive atmosphere.

When Aborted had finished the set, all of a sudden there was quite more space on the floor as the people started leaving one by one before and during Entombed A.D. It could be seen when Entombed A.D. started, the older generation had approached the stage, whereas the younger generation had left the floor after Aborted. There was a gap between two different metal generations. Interesting.  Aborted had the wild circle pits and stage diving whereas the older crowd rather followed the band’s playing.

Entombed A.D. led by LG Petrov kicked the 90 minutes set off with the title song of the third album “Bowels Of Earth” followed by another song from the third album “Elimination”. By the way, the latest third album is the strongest output by Entombed A.D. by now, highly recommended to pick it up. The group sounded tight and catchy. LG Petrov’s voice sounded as deadly as in the early ’90s, even though some raspy elements can be heard in his delivery nowadays. As for the setlist -Playing the songs off the CLANDESTINE album is a kind of two-edged sword; none of these Entombed A.D. guys hasn’t played on that classic death metal band, on the other hand, the album plays a big part of the legacy of Entombed. Of course “Stranger Aeons” and “Chaosbreed” were the part of the set along with “Left Hand Path”, “Reveal In Flesh”. The songs of Entombed A.D. such as “Torment Remains” fitted along with the Entombed classic ones in a surprisingly good way.  The band was one sort of party gang as drinking beer all the time and having fun with the audience in the front. Both the guitarists and bassists handled the playing and performance with the intensive headbanging that the stage was one hell of hairsea. Even though the real Entombed is more or less on ice, but LG Petrov together his party gang keeps the spirit of the old school Swedish death metal up.