Imperium Dekadenz + Agrona + Stahlsarg @ The Black Heart

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Imperium Dekadenz + Agrona + Stahlsarg

@The Black Heart

11th October 2019

Review by Ambra Chilenwa

Photography by Johnny Wolf

Opening up this special night was a band that deserves more appreciation than they currently receive – Stahlsarg, residing in Suffolk; the vocalist welcomed everyone who was eager to experience the darkness.

They introduced their set with “Das Fallbeil”; unforgettable, gripping riffs with blood-curdling screams and more amazing bass playing from Jack “Destruction” Patch. The microphone stopped working for a few seconds but this did not stop the intensity. The guitarist stood over a bright light, making fierce eye contact with the crowd, without needing to look down on his guitar to produce more rhythms. Their fourth track, “Frostbite Division”, could rewind your thoughts to Emperor’s wintry musical style. Stahlsarg’s set was then finished with the closing track “Damocles XIII” as per their last London performance at Dark Clouds Over Camden, producing more bass-heavy rhythms and a combination of vocal styles. A great gem to have in the UK black metal scene.

Following up was Welsh six-person black metal piece Agrona, who brought more corpse-paint to the stage along with some armour. This set consisted of harmonic melodies and occasional heavy guitar power chords; you could see the shadows of Dissection and Dark Funeral behind them.

Beautiful stage presence was displayed by the lady vocalist Adara with her unique corpse-paint and mystic movement. The structure showcased various keyboards and dense hooks. The band effectively presented a haunting atmosphere and strength-building chanting from the male vocalists. The audience returned loud cheers to the band and appreciated everything let out by the performers. Another great contribution to UK black metal.

The London scene was finally ready to feel some melancholy and multiple elements, which only German duo Imperium Dekadenz could provide. The venue had a powerful energy and with splendid fast-paced drumming the band had sent us to experience the Germanic landscapes from high altitude.

Imperium Dekadenz has been a firm example when referring to black metal that can rattle one’s cold persona with unpredictable plot twists. A range of sounds, atmospheres and colours projected from the stage, filling The Black Heart with energetic drumming dancing alongside harsh vocals.

It was a privilege to enter the amazing journey with fellow show-goers. Horaz’s and Vespasian’s gift to provide such a performance is fascinating. These are the musicians that have plentiful underground fans investing more into them.