Sojourner + Havukruunu + Wolvencrown @ The Black Heart

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Sojourner + Havukruunu + Wolvencrown

@ The Black Heart

10th October 2019

Review by Ambra Chilenwa

Photography by Johnny Wolf

This night was filled with dreams, fantasy and darkness with bands giving us an insight of European paganism and nature appreciation.

The show was introduced by Nottingham black metal piece Wolvencrown, who have toured alongside Soar and Uada. The set opened with bright, elevating riffs and classical instrumentation – the keyboardist uplifted his fellow band members with a glistening, celestial atmosphere making someone dream of exploring the wintry scenery of Northern Europe. The venue was partially full as many people were aware of what they were about to experience, the production was soothing to everyone’s ears and the audience was very responsive.

The band had two vocalists supporting and corresponding with each other with high-pitched vocals and classic death-metal vocals. There were hardly any technical issues apart from the minor incidents of feedback from the stage monitors. There was plenty of movement and interaction from the crowd as they enjoyed the ambience and ancient spirit expelled from the stage.

Next up was the band people held a lot excitement for – formed in 2013 from Finland was Havukruunu. The Black Heart was already packed and steaming with body heat. The band presented bracing energy, fascinating solos and harmonious choirs to complete the complexity of such production. We were served with a lesson on Finnish paganism and pre-Christian traditions; conversations were exchanged between the vocalist and the fans in their native language as they all acknowledged their ancient culture and Nordic chants. Movement was everywhere and all you could see was heads banging.

The vocalist showed his appreciation for British culture as he listed some of his favourite assets from the UK – from Monty Python to Downtown Abbey to Judas Priest before brilliantly covering “Leather Rebel” by the legendary UK trailblazers. It was an enjoyable, ground breaking performance with a circle pit and an attempted crowd-surf.

To close off the night was our most anticipated band Sojourner – the atmosphere was rich in melody, fantasy and harmony. The band successfully demonstrated a solid presentation as they gathered influences of Caladan Brood. Each musician expressed charming melodies across the venue while delivering emotional singing from Chloe Bray; her presence contributed to a bright, refreshing atmosphere. Snarls from Emilio corresponded wholly with the singing along with the rhythmic guitars and remarkable drumming.

The performance was a fantasy and the crowd was hypnotised with excitement and more lessons on Paganism; there were so many components one could adore, the set was perfectly conclude with the band expressing what there is to appreciate about epic atmospheric black metal.