Between The Buried And Me @ Electric Ballroom

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Between The Buried And Me

@ Electric Ballroom

10th October 2019

Review by Kira Levine
Photography by Talie Rose Eigeland

Between The Buried And Me are a progressive metal band hailing from Raleigh, NC, USA. This London show had been the last leg of their European tour, boasting two sets in celebration of nearly twenty years of music from the band.

After starting a few minutes behind schedule, the band arrived on stage to the sound of their fans’ overwhelming cheers and whistles. The show is opened with “Astral Body”, a great song live, with fantastic bass work from Dan Briggs. Front-man and keyboardist Tommy Giles Rogers Jr. is full of energy throughout the show and even gets the crowd to mirror his clapping.

Tommy thanks the attendees for coming out to the show and explains that the band will play some songs live that they do not usually, which is answered with fevered cheering.

The majority of the set-list had been comprised of songs from their sixth studio album, The Parallax II: Future Sequence, which seemed to go down extremely well. “Lay Your Ghosts To Rest” is one of the songs of the night that really highlight the transformative quality of their tracks, both in its instrumentation and vocally: back and forth from being quite heavy to mellow and unclean vocals to melodic singing, all within the same song.

During the second set, Tommy gestures with his arm in a spinning motion for the crowd to open up a huge circle pit in the middle of “Telos”, which happens almost instantly. When the pit dies down, a lost shoe is waved around for almost half a minute, before being claimed by its owner.

Tracks such as “Lay Your Ghosts to Rest,” “Reaction” and “Glide” received great responses from the audience, as many members could be seen mosh pitting and crowd surfing as they were being played. These songs in particular contained quite heavy sections, with the backbone of their huge sound provided by drummer Blake Richardson.

Before the encore, vocalist Tommy thanks the crowd, proceeding to introduce “Selkies: The Endless Obsession”.

As “White Walls” is being played, Dustie Waring pats fellow guitarist Paul Waggoner’s behind, which gains a few sniggers and giggles from the crowd.

After we were thanked for the final time, the band left the stage one last time for the night to the sound of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA,” in true patriotic style.

The evening with Between The Buried And Me drew to a close with almost three hours worth of music, met with enthusiastic applause from their dedicated fans. A successful show in recognition of their approaching two-decade anniversary.


Set One:
1. Astral Body
2. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
3. Alaska
4. More of Myself to Kill
5. The Coma Machine
6. Mordecai
7. Reaction
8. Mirrors
9. Obfuscation

Set Two:
10. The Black Box
11. Telos
12. Bloom
13. The Proverbial Bellow
14. Glide
15. Voice of Trespass

16. Selkies: The Endless Obsession
17. Viridian
18. White Walls