Interview with Jon Zazula,

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Shortly after the publication of his new book, HEAVY TALES,  I had a short chat with Jon Z about his first venture into writing.  Feel free to read my book review of this excellent work as well.  Enjoy!


At what point did you decide that it was time to tell your story?

Once I retired in June of 2018 I soon found life quite boring. It was soon decided that I should write a book once I found someone to put a timeline together and make it possible for me to write all the tales along the timeline .

From start to finish how long did it take?

The book took one year and three months to write

Did you shop your story around to other publishers or did you always want to do it on your own?

I never shopped the book to any publishers. I have been an independent from day one and felt I wanted to market this book myself. Also I didn’t want anybody standing over me while writing.

Did you have a particular writing routine such as in the mornings or up late at night?   

Most of the writing was done in the early dawn. My ideas usually came throughout the previous day.

Was it difficult to balance telling your story and that of Megaforce (the company)?

It was always a book about me. Megaforce is a great part of the story and is written about in all its grandeur and horror.

How has initial response to the book been?

I am overwhelmed with the love and support I’ve gotten. It is very humbling. I am truly blessed.

I understand that writing down your own story can prompt certain memories,  was it a cathartic process or was it painful at times to relive some of the darker times? 

It brought back the pain and memories of the earlier days. It was very emotional to write about those hard times. Also I am vulnerable now because my life is in the pages.

Were there any stories where the lawyers said, ‘You better not put that in’?

There was no one to point out and cause any grief in their lives. I am a very grateful person.

What do you miss the most about actively participating in the company? 

I am not in any shape physically or mentally to hold the reigns on the great Megaforce. The company has a great leader now and she is doing a more than amazing job.

Were there any people you contacted that were unwilling or unable to participate and/or contribute? 

I only contacted a few major players where I basically wasn’t sure if I got things right. Life happened so fast.

Do you have any advice for aspiring young writers? 

If you have a story tell it. But unless you’re Batshit Crazy like me find a publisher.

Thank you!