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Alienated Despair
Release date 27/09/2019
Label Pleagic Records
Rating – 10
Terry G. Smith
Do you want to your ears to bleed from the first second you start to play an album? Then look no further than ‘Alienated Despair’ by Implore. This album is complete and utter annihilation of the ear drums and all other senses. I loved this album within a Nano-second because it does exactly what it says on the tin. 31 minutes and 5 seconds of full on grindcore combined with ultra-heavy thrash. If you want sound literally pick you up and throw you across the room, then the first two ‘Faculties of time’ will do this and not just the once but over and over again. For those of us old enough to remember Carcass and the early ‘Peel Sessions’ album by Napalm death then you’ll be falling over yourself to get ‘Alienated Despair’. There is absolutely no rest bite as each track slams one into the other. Personal favourites are ‘Never Again’ featuring Thomas ‘Tompa’ Linberg purely for the fact his famously grinding vocals are simply never amazing and at 1 minute and 51 seconds ‘Let the Pleasure Destroy Me’ is a steam roller of noise traveling straight at you at a hundred miles per hours and it simply ain’t gonna stop, Ha! I’ve never had the opportunity to see Implore live but if their live performances are as great and extreme as Alienated Despair then I’m in for ear drum crunching gig
Alienated Despair (31:05)
1. Faculties Of Time (03:09)
2. Abandoned Desires (02:18)
3. Parallax (03:54)
4. All Is Not Lost Is Long Forgotten (02:32)
5. The Constant Dissonance(02:33)
6. Never Again (feat. Tomas Lindberg) (02:56)
7. All Consuming Filth (03:43)
8. Let The Pleasure Destroy Me (01:51)
9. In Apathetic Isolation (02:11)
10. The Venom Comes In Droves (02:34)
11. Despondency (03:25)
Band Members
Gabriel Dubko – Vocals
Eduard Petrolillo – Guitars
Carol Lieb – Bass and Vocals
Markus Matzinger – Drums