Heavy Metal Label Releases Series of Children’s Books

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"Morgan Gets an Organ"
“Morgan Gets an Organ”

Dead Sea Records, known for it’s roster of heavy metal bands, has released the first series of children’s books dedicated to kids with disabilities, chronic illnesses and other issues that are often hard for young minds to grasp. Subjects like child abuse, kidney failure and cancer are approached on a level that children can absorb and still enjoy the books. The artwork designed for the books is even special: artist Steve Givens has his own challenges, suffering from developmental issues including dyslexia.

The author of the DSR book series, and owner of Dead Sea Records, Michael Crawford, suffers from kidney failure and congestive heart failure and has written the books to help children absorb and accept the overwhelming pressure of living with a mental or physical challenge. The first book, “Sully The Bully,” tackles the difficult subject of abuse and how it trickles down from generation to generation until someone puts a stop to the cycle. The second book, just published on Amazon, is titled, “Morgan Gets an Organ,” follows a young monster on his journey to get a kidney transplant. The third book in the series, “Clair and Her Magic Chair,” is currently being published. It teaches kids that need wheelchairs how to accept their challenges and turn them into something special. It will be available on hard copy December 1st, 2019.

From heavy metal bands to children’s books, Dead Sea Records is out to prove that there is no box or borders to stay in. Whether it’s headbanging or thought-provoking, DSR is aiming to entertain and educate a new generation of eyes and ears.

“Morgan Gets an Organ” is now available on hardcopy on Amazon.

Sully The Bully, second edition out soon!

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