Def Con Sound System – Silver Bullets

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Def Con Sound System
Silver Bullets
2019, Stereo Dynamite Records
Review: Celtic Bob
Rating: 5/5

How many times have I tried to write this album review?
Too many to count.

SILVER BULLETS is the most diverse album that I have heard in a long, long time. The only albums that come either bit close are an early Zappa disc or a Mike Patton project like Mr. Bungle, and even then not at all similar to DCSS. Listening to this album for the first time does remind me of the first time I heard the Mr. Bungle debut in that it was new, different, exciting and something that I had never, ever heard before. It was uncharted territory with a hint of familiarity to it.

I had one song from the album in my music library for awhile, “Pistol Whipped” which has a bit of that James Bond, 60’s-era spy movie vibe to it. Listening to it you envision the Bond intro and him taking aim at the camera shutter and the screen goes red as the film begins. The 60’s spy movie score mixed with Rock-A-Billy Punk and some Motown Soul is as close to a description as I can get to describing SILVER BULLETS. It’s diverse, unique but most important…an excellent record.

No matter which genre of music you enjoy the most you will most likely find a bit of it on here. It’s an album that draws you in and captivates the mind. The ambient space-like sounds of “When I Close My Eyes” gives you that drifting through space feeling (Kubrick’s 2001?). Another captivating song is “My Love Is The Dagger” with it’s Leonard Cohen-like delivery. The song is a mellow, poetic piece which sets itself apart from the flock. A very emotional vocal delivery from group mastermind, Adam Sewell (Monster Voodoo Machine/Damn 13). One of his finest.

As a whole, the album plays like a Tarantino film soundtrack. Interesting, vibrant and distinct. Nothing you will hear this year will captivate you and draw you in like this record does. The diversity and combining aspects of different musical genres and styles could be taken as symbolic of the world we live in. Despite all differences, we can work together. Something to ponder as you listen to this amazing album.



1. Theme From Silver Bullets
2. Pistol Whipped
3. A Moving Target
4. My Crooked, Crooked Teeth
5. Fool’s Gold
6. When I Close My Eyes, All I See Is Fireworks
7. Escape Through The Casino
8. The Killing Floor
9. My Love Is The Dagger
10. Don’t You Come Around My Grave
11. End Credits