Volbeat/Baroness/Danko Jones – Glasgow Academy 24th September 2019

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Volbeat / Baroness / Danko Jones

@ Glasgow Academy

24th September 2019

Review & Photography by Gavin Lowrey

Early starts are beginning to become somewhat of a regular occurrence now as more and more shows go down the 3 (or even 4) band route in an effort to maximize their opportunities and also save on the costs of touring for outfits that may not get the chance to play in larger venues

Tonight is no exception as Volbeat’s Rewind, Replay, Rebound tour rolls into Glasgow with Georgia’s Baroness and Danko Jones from Canada in tow

At 6.30pm on the dot Danko Jones stroll onto the stage in a quite understated manner that doesn’t quite befit the mayhem that is released over the next 3o minutes, to the crowd that is reasonably full despite the obscenely early stage time

“We are Danko Jones and we are from Canada and we play Rock & Roll!” screams main man Danko Jones after the opening song “I Gotta Rock” is unleashed.

  Danko, backed up by John Calabrese and Rich Knox, really give the crowd a working over with their explosive display, and is a real eye opener as I hadn’t really heard much of their music, and on this display, I’ll be adding some of it to my record collection

The set is somewhat short (only 6 songs) and given the response of the crowd, you got the feeling that another 2 or 3 songs would have been welcomed with open arms. (4.5/5.0)


  1. I Gotta Rock
  2. Fists up High
  3. First Date
  4. Full of Regret
  5. Had Enough
  6. My Little RnR

Next up is Baroness, a band that, unusually, I had heard nothing of. This made me in the minority, as the Academy was packed by the time they arrived on the stage and there was a great degree of anticipation as to what we were about to receive.

Baroness struck me as an unusual band as they are an eclectic mix of alternative/prog metal with a bit of sludge thrown in for good measure. Frontman John Baizley is a charismatic character and commands proceedings well and guitarist Gina Gleason is particularly lively despite the limited space

This was a bit of an eye-opener for someone who hadn’t heard the band, however, what ruined it for me was the sound. The mix was truly appalling, and given how good it was for the other bands, this was quite a feat, maybe the sound man went for a beer or a fag, but it was not good.

Highlights of the set were “Throw Me An Anchor” and “Shock Me” but I really would like to see them when the sound is better, it would have been great (3.0/5.0)


  1. March To The Sea
  2. Green Theme
  3. Tourniquet
  4. Throw Me An Anchor
  5. Chlorine & Wine
  6. Front Toward Enemy
  7. Shock Me
  8. Take Your Bones Away

The crowd is at fever pitch as Volbeat’s dual intro of Motörhead’s “Born To Raise Hell” & “Red Right Hand” belts out through the PA. The band arrive on stage, and there is a pensive pause before launching into “Cheapside Sloggers” from their latest offering, “Rewind, Replay, Rebound”.

If there was an example of a crowd going batshit Crazy, that would be during the second song “Doc Holiday”. I’ve never seen so many crowd surfers for a “regular” band; if it was Lamb of God, I could understand it, Volbeat?!?

Main man Michael Poulson, impeccably dressed in a shirt, tie & waistcoat (with a lack of trademark hair pomade) spent the whole show grinning and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Volbeat is a band at the top of their game.

Capable of headlining festivals in mainline Europe, this should be the breakout tour for the band in the UK where we will see them headlining venues such as the Hydro or O2 as they certainly have a charisma that other bands would kill for and are truly exceptional live.

As usual, Volbeat delivers an opus with everything from rock to country, to rockabilly and all-out thrash, which leaves nothing out on the stage and the particularly sweaty crowd wanting more.

There is literally no let-up in the assault on the crowd’s ears and Michael Poulsen has each and every one of them eating out of his hand for the set.

Danko Jones joins the fray to duet with Poulsen on “Black Rose” from the “Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie” album.

Poulsen’s voice is unique and unusually is often better live than on an album recording. That can’t be said for a lot of artists.

Since coming on board, Rob Caggiano on lead guitar has added another dimension to the band, not only from a songwriting perspective but also in the swagger that he gives off on stage.

The new album’s songs get a real work out with a grand total of 8 being played out of a set of 20, which in this day and age is a brave choice, especially as crowd favourites like “16 Dollars” and “Warriors Call” remained unusually un-played.

The highlights of the new tracks on offer were “Last Day Under The Sun” and “Sorry Sack of Bones”, and as per normal the show concludes with the singalong that is “Still Counting”.

It was a really top-class performance and I fully expect Volbeat to be headlining at Glasgow’s biggest venue The Hydro next time around (4.9/5.0)


  1. Born to Raise Hell/Red Right Hand (Intro)
  2. Cheapside Sloggers
  3. Doc Holiday
  4. Let it Burn
  5. Pelvis on Fire
  6. Lola Montez
  7. Sad Man’s Tongue
  8. Black Rose
  9. When We Were Kids
  10. Die To Live
  11. Slaytan
  12. Dead But Rising
  13. Fallen
  14. Sorry Sack of Bones
  15. Seal The Deal
  16. Last Day Under The Sun
  17. Hallelujah Goat
  18. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
  19. Rewind The Exit
  20. Leviathan
  21. Still Counting