Transgresion – …Hijos e Hijas de lo que Engendramos…

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Transgresion – …Hijos e Hijas de lo que Engendramos…
Reviewed: October 2019

Released: September 4th, 2019 / Inriri Discos
Rating: 4 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

I often wonder about bands that have been around for a number of years that have a lot of inactivity between releases. Especially when the said band is good. Transgresion from Puerto Rico is one of those bands. They seem to have formed in late 2011 and released a 2-song demo in 2012. Luckily for us, the metal community, we get a full-length release here in 2019.

Transgresion may be the first metal band I have listened to from Puerto Rico and I can honestly say I’m glad that this one came across the desk. They play a style in which they call fast-paced heavy rock which is a pretty good description. But let’s face it, this is metal through and through. I’d say an old-school sounding speed metal with some thrash laced in and out.

The songs are sung in Spanish which is always cool to hear. Not just the Spanish, with Transgresion, but any band’s native language. The vocal delivery is done very well and Roberto Duran in a way has a sound to his voice that is reminiscent to that of Roger Miret (Agnostic Front). Come to think of it, in some tracks the gang-style vocal delivery is comparable to something Agnostic Front does frequently.

Lyrically, Transgresion tends to deal with social and political issues. The lyrics are not limited to mere descriptions, aside from raw and realistic descriptions, they aim to debate, explain, and drive the audience to think critically about the issues presented and their origin. Not that I actually know what they are here, but I do have a couple of close friends from the island and know some of what things do go on so I can only imagine. Sorry guys, not gonna translate for the fans.

Musically, this is a band that sounds as if they are ready to take on the world. Their sound has several influences throughout much of the hard rock and heavy metal bands of the world. Ranging from bands like Muro, Agnostic Front, and Holy Moses to Horcas and Kronos. All the while being able to stand out with their own sound is always a plus in my book. Great riffs and incredible solos showcase Angel Mario’s abilities which are top notch and are accompanied by some of the best fast and furious drumming I’ve heard in some time.

There is nothing basic done on this album. These guys are pretty technical in their own right. An excellent debut release by a band that I hope sticks with it and does get their day in the sun to take on the world. Good, er, great stuff guys!


1. Santificada perversion
2. Credo al todopoderoso
3. La marcha de las sabandijas bípedas
4. Nefasto legado
5. Esclavos del vacío 6. Vértigo
7. Cerdos de azul
8. Más allá de este suelo
9. Sociedad acéfala

Ángel Mario – Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Darbuka, Oud, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Shaker, Vocals (backing), Sound Effects, Lyrics
Omar Almonte – Drums, Shaker, Vocals (backing)
Harry Villavicencio – Bass
Roberto Durán – Vocals




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