Thrashfire – Into the Armageddon

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Reviewed: October 2019
Released: 2019, Xtreem Music
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Kieron Hayes

Into the Armageddon is going to thrash your fucking brains out.

Opening this review with a direct statement seems only fitting, given that Turkey’s Thrashfire open this album in such a similar way. “Pure Devastating Necromancy” erupts right into your ears with a banshee scream and bombardment of percussion, like the gates of hell bursting under pressure and spilling out a tidal wave of death, fire and filth. It’s a loud and clear mission statement of what Thrashfire are all about (as if the band and album names weren’t enough of a clue).

Into the Armageddon is very much an all-out thrash assault, but what really helps this album stand above some of its peers is how well-crafted the insanity is. Unlike some, this manages to sound consistently forceful and eruptive, but never does it descend into pure noise. Thrashfire understand the need to ease off the gas every now and then, as in the rewarding, slow stomps of “Supreme Command” or “Into the Armageddon”. The production is loud and the vocals echo up from a dungeon, but everything is still audible. The riffs remain a clear and crisp component rather than just background buzzsaw.

“Slaughtered by Hellgoats” (seriously, why wasn’t that the album title?) is just as much of an aural bloodbath as the name suggests. “Katacomb” starts slow before revving up and bolting off into something to get even the most faded of thrashers banging away. The title track brings some of the band’s more extreme metal influence to the fore, opening with the same kind of death metal crunch that Skeletal Remains used so well on Devouring Mortality; the thrashy pace combined with the death metal ferocity puts me in mind of Possessed’s recent comeback. “High Heel in Hell” shows off how downright fun this style can be when done right: it has the same sleazy charm as Nocturnal Breed at their best, like Sodom covering Motörhead. Indeed, it’s not the only time this album can feel like the Nocturnal Breed album we’ve been waiting for since Fields of Rot.

Into the Armageddon is just a good damn time. It’s thrash for thrash’s sake, but done well enough that you don’t care and just go along with the ride. It’s a rare thing to be able to balance fury with songcraft, but Thrashfire manage it admirably.



1.) Pure Devastating Necromancy
2.) Katacomb (The Kingdom of Ressurrection)
3.) Dybbukim
4.) Wisdom of Sacrilegious
5.) Supreme Command
6.) Through the Crimson Darkness
7.) Slaughtered by Hellgoats
8.) Post Apocalyptic Holy Terror
9.) High Heel in the Hell
10.) Into the Armageddon

Band line-up:

Burak Tavus – Guitar/vocals
Okan Özden – Bass
Gürkan Güvendik – Drums