Nevaria – Finally Free

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Reviewed: October 2019
Released: 2019, Dr. Music Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Kira Levine

Formed in Bayreuth, Germany, Nevaria are a symphonic metal band comprising of ex-Dawn of Destiny lead vocalist Tanja Schneider, keyboardist Markus Spiethaler, guitarist Kim Wölfel, bassist Kevin Deese, and drummer Alexander Dahlen. Finally Free is their eleven-track debut album, due for release through Dr. Music Records on the 25th of October, 2019.

‘Life’ starts off sounding very similar to Delain’s Stay Forever, vocally and also musically. It then evolves into something more unique when Markus’ unclean voice is introduced in its chorus.

The male backing vocals on ‘Raise Your Fist’ provide slight elements of thrash, contrasting well with Tanja’s. This fourth track is particularly triumphant in its music, the interplay between Alexander’s drumming, Kim’s riffs, and Kevin’s bass working extremely well in this instance.

Unlike its predecessor ‘Black & White’, which is acoustic in its beginning and at other times, ‘Control’ is acoustic throughout. It is the softest track on Finally Free, which allows its lyrics to really breathe and be heard. Schneider’s angelic vocals coupled with Spiethaler’s piano melodies provide an uplifting experience. Lines such as “If you’re weak and full of pain / just believe in your own strength / and you’ll never be alone / we are standing at your side” have a rather optimistic feel.

Final offering ‘Anyway’ leaps right into its vocals. It would have been interesting to hear an instrumental intro here, as there are some great hooks and melodies throughout this last song. Just over two minutes in, a great solo from Wölfel really defines track eleven as an ending song.

Each of the songs are quite individual, and the track-to-track transitions are not as smooth as they could be. This does not disturb the overall listening experience, but is something that cannot be faulted in their symphonic metal contemporaries such as Delain, Within Temptation, and Xandria. While not bringing huge epic and grandiose choral/operatic elements like bands such as Epica and Nightwish do, it is a well-written album that is recommended for fans of female-fronted symphonic metal and an accessible listen for prospective listeners of the genre.


1. Life
2. Finally Free
3. Wind
4. Raise Your Fist
5. Leaving You
6. Drowning
7. No Mercy
8. Black & White
9. Control
10. Deserve Honesty
11. Anyway

Band line-up:
Tanja Schneider – Vocals
Markus Spiethaler – Keyboard, vocals
Kim Wölfel – Guitar
Kevin Deese – Bass
Alexander Dahlen – Drums

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