Fateful Finality – Executor

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Reviewed: October 2019
Released: 2019, Fastball Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Kira Levine

Fateful Finality, self-described as “The Evolution of Skullsplitting Thrash Metal,” are a thrash metal band from Weil der Stadt (Stuttgart, Germany). Their fourth album comes in the form of Executor, due to be released later this month.

Statement concerning Executor:

“Lyrically the musicians are far from being some simple, lightweight metal guys. Often times only apparent at second glance, they are dealing with the seven deadly sins which is also expressed in the detailed cover artwork of “Executor”. Certainly, this captivating not-only-thrash-metal-band and their new album have lots to offer and will be quite present in the future. Without a doubt FATEFUL FINALITY have the energy and musical quality to make a name for themselves internationally. Along that way “Executor” will surely become another milestone in their band history.”

The first track is a piano instrumental named ‘Time Has Come,’ which provides a sense of foreboding. If any of Fateful Finality’s prior records are to be used as examples, you just know things are definitely about to get a whole lot louder…

‘Fire and Brimstone’ is a fantastic track, full of adrenaline and aggression. The gang shouts work really well here. There is no wonder as to why the second song from Executor was chosen as the first single from the upcoming record. It is relentless, in-your-face, and everything you expect from thrash.

‘Moonchild,’ originally by Iron Maiden, appears as a bonus track on Executor. They manage to maintain their own vocal styles, and not just emulate Bruce Dickinson’s, despite his voice being markedly different. The song seems to have inspired the album to some degree, as this song contains lyrics concerning the seven deadly sins.

Hidden track ‘Overkill,’ a Motörhead cover, sees the second appearance of a cover song of an English metal band. Again, the vocals are consistent with the original tracks in the album, rather than simply recreating Lemmy’s sound, and Fateful Finality have competently made their own spin on these two extra songs in terms of the music delivery as well.

Inspiration from bands such as Testament and Exodus can be heard throughout the album, but Fateful Finality definitely have a contemporary twist – ‘Expect Your Executor’ is a prime example – which definitely makes them “Modern, ruthless and FUCKING BRUTAL!!”



1. Time Has Come
2. Fire and Brimstone
3. The Raid
4. Wreckage of the Flush
5. Expect Your Executor
6. They Breed The Dead
7. Rot
8. Venomous
9. Moonchild (Bonus Track)
10. Overkill (Hidden Track)

Band line-up:
Simon Schwarzer – guitar & vocals
Patrick Prochiner – guitar & vocals
Philipp Mürder – bass
Mischa Wittek – drums

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