Ellefson David (with Thom Hazaert) More Life With Deth (Book Review)

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More Life With Deth - Book Cover
More Life With Deth – Book Cover

More Life With Deth (Book review)
Published: 2019, Jawbone Press
Reviewed: October, 2019
Reviewer: JP
Rating: 4/5

Back in early 2014 David Ellefson published his first autobiography MY LIFE WITH DETH.  I had the pleasure of reviewing it and enjoyed the book very much.  In my review at the time I made a few comments that I would have liked to have read more about certain times of his life. Fast forward to late 2019 and Ellefson has written his new book MORE LIFE WITH DETH.  Although I highly doubt he read my review and took my comments into consideration, the end result is the same, he covers an enormous amount of material, not covered in the first one!

MORE LIFE WITH DETH is published by the fine folks at Jawbone who produced once again a top-notch paperback; about 264 pages long with about 40 photographs on glossy plates.  Joel McIver, co-writer of Ellefson first book gets the nod to wrote a foreword, Ellefson writes a preface and his recent business partner in crime and co-writer Thom Hazaert, writes the introduction.

MORE LIFE WITH DETH seems to be organized in a way that is not really linear, but the way the short engaging sections are designed and presented it doesn’t really matter.  He hops back and forth in time, detailing various, personal and professional events with clarity, enthusiasm and at times humility.  If there could be one over-arching narrative thread (not that there really needs to be one) it would be the re-invention of Ellefson as a person and a brand.  I know that might sound odd but the book starts with a realization that, very few people ever have a second chance at glory (in his case re-joining Megadeth) and combined with a second realization that nothing lasts forever (again in this case Megadeth)  Charged with these powerful twin ideas Ellefson goes about simultaneously preparing for his new future and the end.  He talks extensively about his new business acumen, his new drive to be further connected to his spirituality and we get to hear the stories.

Like the last book, this is not a sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll expose that names names. Instead the prose is light, positive, educational, admitting mistakes but not dwelling on them or revelling in the sordid details, but acknowledging them and moving on.  So if you are looking for ‘The Dirt’ look elsewhere!  If you do want tales of how he opened a coffee shop, become a musical product manager, how he won a Grammy award, played with multiple other Metal dudes, bass clinics, all-star groups,doing the BIG FOUR shows, and going back to school, this is the book for you.

MORE LIFE WITH DETH is utterly packed with people who write nice things about Ellefson, who is widely regarded as an all round nice-guy. From old school chums, to many Megadeth band mates (past and present), to industry people and a whole ton of colleagues in bands like Anthrax, Dangerous Toys, Judas Priest, Malice, Overkill and people like Alice Cooper, pretty much everything has something nice to say about Ellefson.  Hazaert, Ellefson’s right hand man, keeps us entertained along the way and provides cool quotes, insights and a great timeline at the end of the book for easy reference.

I would recommend reading the review of his first book, and I’d also recommend buying this one, or both, and you will have the perfect pair in your library.  With Ellefson’s relative youth, high energy and personal drive I have no doubt that we might see a part III in the not too distant future.

Technical Details

Format Reviewed: Paperback

Publisher: Jawbone Press

Pages: 264

Websites: www.jawbonepress.com