Cult Of Luna – A Dawn to Fear

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Reviewed: October, 2019
Released: October, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jesse Edwards

Cult of Luna, it feels like I’ve known this band forever, and yet, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single note of their music. Maybe it’s because I continually confuse them with Lacuna Coil – I don’t like Lacuna Coil – or maybe it’s because I’ve simply written them off as ‘not my thing’. Either way, I now know that I was mistaken!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this album, against all expectations, and I found it to be full of surprises from start to finish; the first being a realisation that the singer was in fact not a woman – I don’t know why, maybe it’s the Lacuna Coil thing, anyway, I normally like to structure my reviews as a ‘shit-sandwich’; what’s good, what’s bad, and then what else is good in retrospect, but as we’ve touched on the vocals early on, I think we’ll dive straight into the ‘what’s shit’?

Answer: the vocals.

They lack range, they’re monotonous, and they evoke absolutely zero atmosphere, which is a real shame given that the entire album is absolutely oozing with atmospherics – perhaps these guys should enlist the Lacuna Coil singer after all.

There’s a slight departure from the screamo during the start of the title track, A Dawn to Fear, and the hauntingly beautiful, We Feel the End, which are both welcome breaks from the course screams — they are honestly the only reason this thing does not receive a 5/5 rating from me.

So, with the ‘shit’ out of the way, what did I like about the album?

Everything else! I can’t express just how much this album caught me off guard, there’s passages of beautiful rotary organ, tactically placed harmonics, gorgeous soundscapes, heavy grooves, brooding atmospherics, awesome production, inventive song structures, it’s got it all!

I’m not going to dissect it track by track and ruin the surprises, you’ll have to take me on my word that this is well worth 79 minutes of your futile existence.

Cult of Luna, change your vocal style, please.

Your newest fan,



Track Listing
1) The Silent Man
2) Lay Your Head to Rest
3)  A Dawn to Fear
4) Nightwalkers
5) Lights on the Hill
6) We Feel the End
7) Inland Rain
8) The Fall

Line Up
Magnus Lindberg – Guitars, Percussion (1998-present)
Johannes Persson – Guitars, Vocals (1998-present)
Andreas Johansson – Bass (2002-present)
Thomas Hedlund – Drums (2003-present)
Fredrik Kihlberg – Guitars, Vocals (2004-present)
Kristian Karlsson – Keyboards, Vocals (2015-present)


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