Black Oak Country – Theatre Of The Mind

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Black Oak County - Theatre Of The MindBlack Oak Country – Theatre Of The Mind
October 2019

Released: April 26th, 2019 / Mighty Music
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

I ran across these guys by accident. I was cruising the Mighty Music website and there was the video for the track “Mad Dog” of their debut and it blew me away. A powerful, hard-driving track that has all the perfect ingredients for a great hard rocking/metal song. This led me to contact the label about the band.

Black Oak County, originally a hard rock quartet heavily influenced by southern rock, classic rock and, even metal, was formed in the coastal town of Esbjerg in the summer of 2014. Within the first couple of years, the band had already played major festivals throughout Denmark, had been the supporting act for the Danish rock-legends D-A-D.

Since the debut release, original guitarist/vocalist Niels Beier moved on to focus on other things in his life. René Hjelm took over the vocal duties and though there is quite a difference in tone, René does a fantastic job on THEATRE OF THE MIND. The overall sound of the band seems to have eased up a bit as well.

Now in the realm of all things metal, Black Oak Country do tend to have more of that hard rock radio style to them on this release. But like their fellow countrymen Volbeat, they meld the metal sound into the fold with just the right amount of strength to allow them to be a success in either market.

All the tracks here are extremely catchy and memorable. By the time you’ve run through this a couple of times as I did, you’ll be singing along. It is almost infectious. The like for them continues to grow from track to track and with each run through. These guys will be big once the popular rock radio in North America gets a hold of them. Well, let’s hope they do as I can honestly say with what I’ve heard here and the couple tracks off their debut, they blow away a very large percentage of what we are forced to listen to here in the states on the FM dial.


1. Watch Your Back
2. Just Another Psycho
3. My Chance To Change
4. Since You’ve Been Gone
5. Pretty Pistol
6. Sycophanic
7. Wasted Life
8. I Know You’re Lonely
9. Stick To My Guns
10. Theatre Of The Mind

Jack Svendsen – Guitar
René Hjelm – Bass/Vocal
Mike Svendsen – Drums