Acid Death-Primal Energies

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Reviewed: October 2019
Released: 2019,  7hard
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Helias

After completing a two-decade of existence as a band (there was a 10-year hiatus meanwhile), Acid Death are back with its new 6th deadly strike, PRIMAL ENERGIES

This Greek death metal act is among those bands that work really hard, being a death metal band in Greece, that’s a very big deal, BUT being a successful death metal band in Greece, that’s an achievement.

Now, what have we got in here?  I really do like the combination of progressive death metal and the “tranquillity” of the scandinavian melodic death metal (“The Rope”). I love that trashy sound and riffing of “Reality and Fear” and the cult 80’s-like riff of “H.U.M.A.N.” PRIMAL ENERGIES is a dense and sinister slab of death metal that oozes the searing riffs and sense of immediacy. After so many years of activity, Acid Death has much to say. I enjoyed their previous effort, Hall of Mirrors, but  Primal Energies really grabbed me.

A true maelstrom of mesmerizing and nightmarish guitar riffs, relentless drumming and the ever-tortured howls of Savvas Betinis permeate the musical abyss serving accordingly as a piercing counterpoint to the undulating drone and heavy ambient soundscapes found within.


Savvas Betinis – bass / vocals

Dennis Kostopoulos – Guitar

John Anagnostou – Guitar

Kostas Alexakis – drums

Track Listing:

1. My Bloody Crown
2. Inner Demons
3. Godless Shrines
4. Primal Energies
5. The Rope
6. Fire of the Insane
7. Reality and Fear
8. Regret/Repent
9. The Void Before…
10. H.U.M.A.N.