Turilli/ Lione Rhapsody – Circus Helsinki Finland

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Rhapsody or Rhapsody Of Fire or Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody… Or… How many bands named after Rhapsody are there  – Well you name it. All of them have one common thing; they are all linked to the Italian power metal combo Rhapsody that released a handful of great heroic powerful symphonic metal outputs such as LEGENDARY TALES in the late ’90s and early 2000’s. At some point in their career, the whole thing got imploded. The long story short, Rhapsody Of Fire is run by the original Rhapsody keyboard player Alex Stratopoli with an entire new line-up. Whereas the current Turilli/Lione Rhapsody is run by of course Luca Turilli and Fabio Leone along with the rest of the former Rhapsody members. Quite confusing, eh?! If this wasn’t quite confusing enough by now, the same line-up of the current Turilli/Lione Rhapsody toured as Farewell-To-Rhapsody a couple years ago.

So now with these Rhapsody name hassles – both Turilli and Lione have buried the war hatchet and put their holy thunderforce together for a new era. The current Turilli/Lione Rhapsody album called ZERO GRAVITY came out earlier this year. These name issues haven’t dimmed the shine of the name of both Turilli and Lione that much, because the band has been touring quite effectively.

Apparently 200-300 power metal worshippers had arrived at the Circus club to witness and feel the triumph of the Italian power metal.  The 90-minute set of the power metal blast was kicked off by the opening track of the debut album by Turilli/Lione Rhapsody called “Phoenix Rising”. That song sounded a bit different compared to the symphonic material. It had a more modern approach and elements.  So did another newer song “Zero Gravity”.  The older material from the Rhapsody (Of Fire) era got a warm response from the audience.  “Dawn Of Victory”, “Land Of Immortals” are iconic power metal hymns and play an immortal part of the whole power metal genre. Fabio Lione has an amazingly large capacity in the register of his voice. That could be heard and testified when he sang Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò)”. Of course, some doubting Thomas assumed he would have relied on the lip sync and back up tapes.  Lione’s way of having the interactive with the audience was nice. He talked to the audience and asked a lady to introduce songs.  He looked back in time when Rhapsody worked with Christopher Lee. As for Luca Turilli, he was jumping, dancing, prancing and swinging around his guitar. It looked time-to-time his playing was one kind of hyper activate dancing and moving. He is a fantastic player, such an underrated guitarist.  There was an assistant or roadie behind the curtain, taking care of Turilli’s pedals. Both the mandatory solo performances by the drummer or the bassist were the part of the set. Alex Holzwarth is an uncrowned power metal drummer, who has gained fame in several other projects as well.

To be honest, the golden era of Rhapsody is basically over as the band’s success years are dated to the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Of course, all these hassles and dramas between the members have totally confused many in the power metal crowd. Turilli and Lione are the trademark names that the audience came to see and have a little bit of a nostalgic feeling when hearing these old Rhapsody songs. The gig was like a time machine taking back to that era. Hopefully, both Turilli and Lione will come up with such iconic hymns like “Emerald Sword”, not focusing on exploring newer modern-sounding elements. The audience was pleased with what they got to hear on gigs, even though some people yelled their own wishes.

Phoenix Rising
Dawn of Victory
Zero Gravity
Land of Immortals
The Wizard’s Last Rhymes
Reign of Terror
Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò)
(Andrea Bocelli cover)
Holy Thunderforce
Knightrider of Doom
Lamento Eroico
On the Way to Ainor
Riding the Winds of Eternity
Arcanum (Da Vinci’s Enigma)
Unholy Warcry
Gran Finale