John & Yoko – Above Us Only Sky (Blu-Ray)

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John & Yoko
Above Us Only Sky
2019, Eagle Vision
Rating: 5/5
Review by Celtic Bob

Hot on the heels of last years IMAGINE and GIMME SOME TRUTH release is ABOVE US ONLY SKY. This is the quintessential companion piece to the 2018 release. All three films are different and contain footage unique to its title. Yes, there will be a few instances of crossover material but it is minor. Each title has their own unique content and footage.

ABOVE US ONLY SKY is the story of John & Yoko and how their relationship evolved and turned into IMAGINE. The previous films and documentary were stories of the album where this is more focused on John & Yoko. There are interesting new interviews with Julian (Lennon), Klaus (Voormann), Alan (White) and Yoko, plus more. These give you different insights to the times and what it was like being there. Hearing Julian speak from the vantage point of a child running free on the giant grounds in Ascot to the guy shooting the infamous cover and how that shot came to be, to just the day to day living routine of John and Yoko.

Hearing the stories of what it was like recording there and how the song itself came to be. John on the upright piano working out the song and Nicky Hopkins playing alongside him on same piano was amazing. The early takes and alternate versions are what really makes it for me. I love hearing working demo versions and rough mixes of songs. Sometimes, they seem to be better. I have a couple of unofficial CD’s from the IMAGINE sessions and I really enjoy some of the versions on there. One is an early take of “Imagine” with just John on piano, no other musicians. You get to hear that on here as well. This is part of what makes films like this so interesting. It is that fly on the wall view.

Yoko has been bashed by many as being the one that broke up The Beatles. Personally, I think issues were there before she came on the scene. Aside from that, she helped bring out some more creativity and freedom to John. He was free to do exactly as he pleased. He was happy with her and you see it in this Blu-Ray. Spending time out of the spotlight, sitting in bed reading the papers while listening to music, he was happy and comes off as stress free. Something we all dream of.

This is a wonderful film that gives a deeper insight not only to the IMAGINE album but to the ones that made it possible, John & Yoko.