Fortune, Drew- No Encore! (Book review)

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Fortune, Drew- No Encore! (Book review)
Released: 2019, PostHill Press
Reviewed: September , 2019
Reviewer: JP
Rating: 3.5/5

Way back when I founded the Library Of Loudness, I swore a sacred oath to EvilG, the owner of this fine site, to only review Hard Rock and Heavy Metal books.  For years and almost 500 book reviews later, I have kept that solemn commitment.

As a side note, a couple of our ‘competitor’ Heavy Metal webzines keep reviewing non-Metal books for some reason.   With hundreds of Metal books to review and new ones coming out almost weekly, why would you review something totally outside of your readers area of interest?  It perplexes me. That is akin Home And Garden website writing about test-driving the newest Monster truck, it doesn’t make sense.  Apparently, the cool kids say something like ‘stay in your lane’ these days.

However, this might be the first time where I go ever-so-slightly outside our mandate (or lane if you prefer) and review a book that is not 100% pure Hard Rock/Metal.

This new publication is called NO ENCORE!  Published by the good people at PostHill Press.  Written by Drew Fortune the book is subtitled, ‘Musicians Reveal Their Weirdest, Wildest, Most Embarrassing Gigs’, and that pretty much says it all.  Fortune has interviewed 61 artists and compiled all these cool stores into one great book.  It is your standard paperback, no pictures, easy to read and broken our band-by-band, chapter-by-chapter.    The reason this is not 100% Metal is because only about a dozen of the 61 artists are of interest to our readership.  I’ll freely admit that I haven’t listened to anything but Hard Rock or Metal for decades so I don’t even know who many of these non-metal artists are.  But that’s OK.  The dozen or so artists that I was interested in reading about tell some amazing stories.  That is the beautiful thing about NO ENCORE! is that you can dip into it, any chapter, anytime and just read a bit about your favourites.

For our purposes we get stories from Alice Cooper, Gwar, Zakk Wylde, Lita Ford, Sammy Hagar, Dee Snider, Andrew WK, Sean Yseult, and some related stuff like Stooges, MC5, Ministry, and a smattering of old stuff like Jethro Tull and Grand Funk Railroad.

Fortune writes a sincere and likeable introduction explaining his motive for writing  the book and I think he hits the nail on the head when he says, people remember their worst moments and the nice moments are “… sweet but not the reason you watched Motley Crue’s Behind The Music twenty times”.    We all like a good train-wreck and this book is loaded with them!  This a great, fun, read for any rock fans!

Technical Details:

Format Reviewed: Paperback

Publisher:  PostHill Press

Pages: 300