Wiegedood @ Boston Music Rooms, London – “De Doden Hebben Het Goed” Trilogy Tour 2019

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@ Boston Music Rooms, London

Monday 5th September

Review by Johnny Wolf

Photography by Ryanite Whitwell (Shotison Media)

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to a band; neither of us could pronounce its name back then. After I did my research, I have come to learn many things about the Belgian Wiegedood.

The three-piece consists of Wim Sreppoc and Gilles Demolder from Oathbreaker and Levy Seynaeve from Amenra and Oathbreaker live. Knowing and loving both Amenra and Oathbreaker, it was enough for me to assume this must be a good band, but I had to hold my judgement till I hear the music.


I also learned the meaning of the name: “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”, and many ways to pronounce it. They had one album at the time, De Doden Hebben Het Goed, which translates to ‘The Dead Have it Good’.

That album was simply an assault on the listener’s senses in every possible way, even with no bass in the line-up they managed, using intertwining guitar riffs to cover a full range perfectly.

Dark and mysterious black metal, infernal never-ending riffs mixed with pure blasts and atmospheric breaks followed by soul-shattering breakdowns, that’s what you get with these guys, pure sensation that takes you on an emotional journey to the unknown darkness.

With a second album and a third all carrying the same name, they have painted a vision for their fans, stating their craft as a musical journey divided into chapters and evolving into an unknown future.


Wiegedood have played in London many times now but this time it was a special treat, as they recently announced a solo tour to play their three albums in full. This band doesn’t enjoy explaining themselves, which made it hard to know if this was an attempt to say, “we’re done with the book, now we’d like to read it for you cover to cover” or was it that they felt the need to bookmark these three chapters of their craft to begin something new. I cannot tell for sure, the only fact I had in mind was: this isn’t a gig I’m going to miss no matter what.

Three albums in full, no support and almost two hours of brain-damaging riffs; I got in early with few friends to get on the first lines as I had to be close enough to soak in the experience.

Right on time they humbly walked onto a stage fully dressed in red-light and they hit us straight with their riffs, it was so loud I felt my skin peeling off my face.


It only took me few minutes to get into neck-breaking mode, put my hair down and head-bang so hard whilst everyone in the venue joined me right away.

The Boston Music Room was packed; I’m not sure if the gig was sold out or not, but it certainly felt like it was.

Track after track, I lost track of which ones we were at. At some point all I could hear was riffs and shrieks that put my mind in a state of trance while my body was making all sorts of weird black metal gestures and moves.

It was such a euphoric experience like nothing else, many of us left the venue in tears, even one of my friends couldn’t stop crying for hours after the gig. I was personally taken away by the experience and I would confidently say everyone at the venue last night was too.

I hope this isn’t the end of the book for this band and I look forward for more chapters and more of such experiences.



Kwaad Bloed
De Doden Hebben Het Goed
Onder Gaan
De Doden Hebben Het Goed II
De Doden Hebben Het Goed III