Copenhell Festival 2019 Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhell Festival 2019

Live review and pictures by Anders Sandvall

For 2019, the Copenhell festival celebrates ten years in hell. As I have visited the festival almost every year, of course, I had to cover this year’s edition as well. I’ve really come to love the annual event because it always brings the best bands to Scandinavia. This year the festival treated visitors to such bands as Demons & Wizards, Skindred, Refused, Halestorm, Trivium, Clutch, and Dimmu Borgir. The headline acts were Slash, Tool, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie and Scorpions. Just like last year the festival’s expanded into a four-day event. The first day was a warm-up day with a few bands performing on the only open stage (Pandaemonium), and the tickets festival sold out fast. As early as April, both the 3-day and 4-day tickets sold out, as well the single-day tickets for Thursday-Friday and Saturday. Black market agents started right away to try to scam people with tickets, and the organizers proclaimed early during the year that visitors should be careful and only purchase tickets from the festivals own site or legal retailers.

As well, the festival hosts an event called Copenhello where fans could win a meet and greet with bands by mailing in questions; the best ones won. There was also a Spotify list available with music from the bands that were going to perform at the festival. At the end of May, the organizers announced it was going to be a birthday concert thrown were many well known Danish musicians from bands performing/or that had performed sometime during the festival ten years was going to participate.

The festival also hosts a party every year on the Monday and Tuesday before the event at Pumpehuset, which is located in downtown Copenhagen. Here it was possible to get the festival bracelets so that you didn’t have to wait in line to get in later. Contests, music, and beer drinking accompanied that event, and it was really popular. A new thing for this year was that the 7-11 supermarket was placed at the festival and Gorenje set out washing machines for the campers to wash their clothes. A few changes in the line up were announced with Whitechapel changing from performing on Friday at 5.15 to Thursday instead, and Terror was going to perform at 6.30 instead of 5.30. With the changes made, it was decided that Unleashed would perform at 4.30 instead of 2.45 and Alien Weaponry at 6.45 instead of 3.30. I read that the festival had sold 27,000 tickets this year, if it’s correct or not I have no idea but it felt like it sure could have been that amount of people at the festival.


As always there were three stages located at the festival with Helviti as the biggest stage, Hades as the second biggest stage and Pandaemonium as the smallest one, there was also the Purgatory stage where burlesque shows and circus performances took place. I didn’t attend the first warm-up day and focused instead of taking on Thursday as the first day of the festival.

If you want to read more info about the festival in general, check out the archives of where you can find my coverage of the festival through the years.

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