Bloodstock Festival 2019 @ Catton Hall

Bloodstock Open Air 2019
Bloodstock Open Air 2019
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Bloodstock 2019

@ Catton Hall, Derby

Review by Johnny Wolf

Photography By Rebecca Bush

Videos by Michal Lipinski

Bloodstock Open Air 2019

A lovey summer sun was blazing down on the festival grounds as we arrived on site, it gave us great start for a weekend we were looking forward too. Unfortunately many of my friends have chosen to attend Brutal Assault. Although I agree Brutal Assault line-up is packed with amazing names, I wouldn’t miss bloodstock for anything. Fans and Bloodstock attendees loves this festival for many reasons; I made sure to ask everyone I met this questions and they all had the same answer: Bloodstock festival is like our home, it’s like coming back to your school gang after not seeing them for a year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or have been doing it for 10 years, the one thing we all agree on is the minute you get out of the car at the parking you step foot into a large family of 12k+ brothers and sisters.

Thursday (Day 1)

We arrived around 4pm, car was parked, bags taken out the boot and fitted on a trolley. It’s a 15 to 20-minute walk to the festival entrance, not bad compared to other festivals I’ve been attending. At the main entrance we got our wristbands, there were barely any queues at the doors and I believe the doors control personnel were doing a great job by swiftly and securely letting people into the festival.

Heading to the camp to put up our tents, we dropped off our stuff and headed to the arena, which opens around 17:00. A bit of socialising and lovely chats and hugs from friends then I head to catch Ten Ton Slug.

The Irish band proudly dominated the stage with fast and sludgy riffs, great energetic stage presence by all members but especially the front-man Rónán O’hArrachtáin. They have won everyone’s heart, not to mention the enormous amount of moshing that translated the crowd’s involvement during the set.

Bloodstock 2019


After a quick break and a bit more socialising I was preparing myself for the Greek Gods Rotting Christ.

The tent was so packed, even the photo pit was full with photographers, I was barely able to get into it, and everyone who was at the festival that night was pumped and hyped about Rotting Christ.

I don’t remember when was the last time I’ve seen the Sophie tent this crowded. They opened with a song from the new album, Hallowed Be Thy Name, and it was a treat, the crowed cheered and head-banged slowly to the rhythm.

Then they kicked it with Fire, God and Fear, also from the new album and this seems to be one of the most popular tracks from that album.

Apage Satana next got everyone singing the chants out loud, the Sophie tent almost crumbled with what sounds like war chants from thousands of warriors chanting Apage Satana.

A few new songs and many older ones and the crowd at this point turned into a massive mosh-pit with many surfers to the point I was worried about the security officers trying to save the surfers from falling into the pits of Greek hell!

What a performance and what a band!

Set-list: Hallowed Be Thy Name / Fire, God and Fear / Apage Satana / The Forest of N’Gai / Elthe Kyrie / Kata ton Demona Eautou / Non Serviam / King of a Stellar War / The Sign of Evil Existence / Grandis Spiritus Diavolos

Day 1 is done! Getting myself a burrito from that lovely burrito shop despite the light rain, at this point all I can dream about is my almost warm-ish tent to lay down for sleep.