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Reviewed: September 2019
Released: 2019, self-released
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Bob Davidson

For a band that’s only been going a couple of years, WRAITH is an accomplished and prolific outfit. Releasing the first EP two years ago, full length last year and now another album this year is an impressive feat. That said, this album is only 28 minutes long… The Indianan three piece don’t seem to have been in anything before, but from a technical point of view they are all extremely adept. They describe themselves as “a perfect blend of speed metal and thrash metal with a punk attitude”, which is nice, and for the most part, apt.

I first listened to this when doing the dishes, and it helped me get through them in record time. I was struck by just how much they reminded me of Venom: no bad thing, and almost made me feel a bit nostalgic. To the point where if Devil’s Hour came on I would have thought it was a Venom track I’d not heard before. All the tracks go at the pace of a roadrunner on speed, with the exception of Meaningless Planet, which has a darker, more considered lilt. There’s the odd psychobilly note at times, and all of it is punctuated with blistering, crisp shredding.

Ultimately, this is all very well, but they haven’t created anything novel, or even massively interesting. It’s tight, crisp, and well produced, but it doesn’t do anything that you can’t find from a dozen bands, all of which have followed in Venom’s wake.


1. Devil’s Hour
2. Acid Mass
3. Meaningless Planet
4. The Curse
5. War of Aggression
6. At the Stake
7. The Hunt
8. Eyes of the Sacred Ram
9. Absolute Power
10. Death Comes Ripping (The Misfits cover)

Matt Sokol – Vocals/Guitars
Mike Szymendera – Drums
Chris Petkus – Bass