Vorna – Sateet Palata Saavat

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Reviewed: September 2019
Released: 2019, Lifeforce Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Progress and evolution of a band’s sound is something always changing, it can go one way or another or even stay the same the whole time yet remain true to whatever original values a band had at the start.

One such group whose sound has remained exactly the same as its line-up over its 11 year history is Finland’s Vorna.

This blackened folk metal outfit have returned with their third studio outing: “Sateet Palata Saavat” (Return to Rains), and the rain isn’t just the only element of nature covered on this release, for Vorna have remained the nature and folklore obsessed pagans they began as with their earliest demos, but have stayed true to their agenda, and they have scored highly again and again.

Their latest album is no exception, for it feels like a ride across a snow-capped valley in midwinter on a sleigh, and then a raging avalanche of rocks and snow before being catapulted into the stars beyond – this goes to show how the band found their shtick very quickly and stuck to their way of life with conviction.

It is worth recommending this release, performed with impressive musicianship and excellent vocals both clean and growled, to anyone curious about Finnish history and mythology, for this is a band immersed in their land’s rich background and cultures and will take you on a heavy journey into the hearts and minds of Finland’s most famous legends.

Give this record a spin if you like fast and melodic pagan metal that can sound like a battlefield put to music on one track and a bard’s tale of thrilling adventure on another. Vorna has given nature and folklore filled release for those itching for an adventure into the unknown.


1. Ylle kaartuvat
2. Toinen
3. Syvyydet
4. Sydäntalven puut
5. Maa martona makaa
6. Aalloista
7. Virvatulet
8. Tyhjyys on tyyni
9. Sateet
10. Kauas

Band line-up:
Vesa Salovaara – Vocals
Arttu Järvisalo – Lead guitar
Henri Lammintausta – Rhythm guitar
Niilo Könönen – Bass
Saku Myyryläinen – Synths
Mikael Vanninen – Drums

Buy Album: vornalfr.bandcamp.com/album/sateet-palata-saavat
Band Website: www.facebook.com/VornaOfficial/

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