Visionatica – Enigma Fire

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September 2019
Released: July 12th, 2019 / Frontiers Music
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Visionatica are a symphonic metal outfit from Bayern, Germany. The band formed 2014 with one vision in mind, to make their mark on the world and genre with their creative blend of symphonic metal. This can be a tough feat as so many others try and try and just do not seem to break through in the genre.
I have had the opportunity to listen to many new and veteran bands of this genre lately. It is a genre that does have shelf space amongst my collection, but it is hard real estate as even with so many being so good, they are all so comparative, that band must impress by bringing something fresh or new to the genre.
Visionatica’s latest sophomore release does not really set forth much in the way of lifting their genre to really any new heights. In my mind that is. But what they do is impressive to say the least. With the classically trained and fantastic, crystal clear soprano vocals of Amara Avodem combined with powerful grooves; melodic guitars as well as impressive orchestral elements Visionatica have just enough to make this listener take notice.
The tracks are all equally impressive with not only a strong emphasis on the beautiful vocal delivery, but the guitars tend to have a bit of a heavier crunch to them while blending impressively with the orchestral elements of the music.
ENIGMA FIRE tends to rest a bit more on the heavier side of the genre which is a plus for me. All are well crafted and engage the listener. One thing that I feel makes this possible is the fact that the tracks are overly lengthy. In fact the longest only clocks in at 5.34. That and each track is perfectly aligned with the next as this release flows seamlessly from start to finish. Even if the tracks do not follow an overall concept, they all belong together.
The ballad ‘Incomplete’ is beautifully done as well and sounds as if it could be on an award winning soundtrack. I keep thinking of the Disney movie FROZEN. They should use it. Really.
I don’t believe that Visionatica have too much to worry about in regards to an ever growing fanbase. Any fans of the more popular Delian, Nightwish, Within Temtation and the likes will have nothing to dislike about the latest release by Visionatica. Only the fact the they may be on to having a new favorite symphonic metal band in there collection.


1. Amari Sudbina Kali (Intro)
2. The Pharaoh
3. Fear
4. Roxana the Great
5. Dance of Fire
6. To the Fallen Roma
7. Incomplete
8. Secrets of the Ancestors
9. Rise from the Ashes

Manuel Buhl – Guitars
Amara Avodem – Vocals
Gerhard Spanner – Drums
Tim Zahn – Bass