Tungsten – We Will Rise

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Tungsten – We Will Rise
Reviewed: September 2019

Released: September 20th, 2019 / Arising Empire
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

TUNGSTEN was formed in 2016 by drummer Anders Johansson (ex HAMMERFALL, ex YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN’S RISING FORCE) after his sons Karl and Nick Johansson had let him listen to some songs they had composed together. With drums (Anders), guitars (Nick) and bass (Karl), and newly composed songs, TUNGSTEN asked MikeAndersson (CLOUDSCAPE, ex PLANET ALLIANCE, FULLFORCE) to do vocals. Mike has a powerful voice and a varied style of singing and was a perfect fit to TUNGSTEN’s music.

Anders: “I really liked the songs. My sons are of course younger than me, and the songs were modern metal, like something I could never come up with. At the same time, I could hear melodies that reminded me of Nordic folk music that made me think of the past. The overall impression was catchy heavy metal with both past and future present. I asked Karl and Nick if they wanted to join me in a band and play these songs with me, and I’m happy that they accepted”.

And the rest of the world should be just as happy as Anders they said yes too. With the fruit not falling far from the tree, what Tungsten have here on their debut release is pretty amazing. The style is almost a fairly typical Euro-Power metal approach with said modern elements. It’s the best of a couple worlds within musical genres.

The music is not only epic and very well played of course; it has a heaviness to it that seems to set it apart from much of what I’ve heard for some time. And when I say heavy, it is not that it is leaning towards the thrash side of things, but the heaviness of the guitars throughout many of the tracks set themselves apart from the pack.

Musically Tungsten is extremely competent on WE WILL RISE. The tracks are exceedingly catchy and memorable. They are familiar yet fresh and new sounding. Tungsten has a sound that will surely resonate throughout the metal world. And the vocal performance of Andersson is the perfect marriage for Tungsten’s music.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed WE WILL RISE. It is one I know I will listen to regularly from here on out. Get ready world, Tungsten are set to assault your senses with their majesty and music. And let them fingers be crossed that this is not the last we hear of Tungsten.


1. We Will Rise
2. Misled
3. The Fairie’s Dance
4. Coming Home
5. It Ain’t Over
6. As I’m falling
7. Sweet Vendetta
8. Animals
9. Remember
10. To The Bottom
11. Impolite
12. Wish Upon A Star

Mike Andersson – Vocals
Karl Johansson – Bass & Screams
Nick Johansson – Guitar
Anders Johansson – Drums


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