Sifting – The Infinite Loop

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Reviewed: September, 2019
Released: 2019, Eclipse Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Ambra Chilenwa

Playing from Venezuela is progressive metal band Sifting, formed by vocalist and guitarist Eduardo Osuna Gil. Soon to be released on the 27th of September and described as their “best yet” is The Infinite Loop. It was decided that progressive metal deserves more listening.

The first track commences with a pop-like singing style; there is no hate held towards some pop music, however this style of singing did not match the unpredictable hyper guitar changes. This was later followed by a dull acoustic solo with nothing to offer; these tracks can take any progressive listener back to Dream Theatre as the inspiration and influence is visible. An admission regarding ‘A Critical Affair’: each guitarist is very talented on the strings and this album qualifies to be played on any modern rock radio station, however the vocals were too contrasting and differed heavily from the overall rhythm.

The track ’Stop Calling Me Liberty’ introduces itself with a thrash-influenced opening riff later expressing modern rock style vocals. This disappointing mismatch was later compensated by captivating solos and plucking far beyond extraordinary, almost presenting a neoclassical approach, and a surprise occurs when harsh vocals were added on by Eduardo; this overall demonstrates the unsteadiness of progressive metal. An enjoyable groove can be heard in ‘The Fifth Element’ accompanied by many rhythmical changes. Later on, two completely different guitar techniques were playing along each other at the exact same moment, almost like two elements compressing against each other, eventually bursting into a ballad.

Further on into the album, we are again met with pop-style vocals; ‘Ghost of a Lie’ can be considered a very notable track for regular progressive listeners who enjoy a tint of groove and space fantasy elements in their guitar playing. I was under the assumption, as I sat through the first few minutes, that the opening riffs would compensate for the bore endured earlier…that compensation later collapsed when the poor vocals were introduced

Overall, a talented guitar session was distributed to listeners but such beauty was sadly ravaged by generic and conflicting clean vocals. This can only be recommendable to those who enjoy modern rock singing blended with progressive guitar changes.


1. Agony
2. A Critical Affair
3. Enough (clean edit)
4. Stop Calling Me Liberty
5. The Fifth Element
6. What If (Dichotomy)
7. To Who I Am
8. Ghost Of A Lie (feat. Derek Sherinian)
9. Emotionless Shells
10. The Infinite Loop

Band line-up:
Eduardo Osuna Gil – guitars/vocals
Joey Aguirre – drums
Wins Jarquin – bass
Xavi Leon – guitars