Lord – Fallen Idols

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Reviewed: September, 2019
Released: 2019, Dominus Records
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Ambra Chilenwa

Originally from New South Wales, Australia are power and traditional heavy metal band Lord who have been releasing music since 2003. This band consists of Lord Tim on vocals and guitar; Andy Dowling on bass and Mark Furtner on guitars. Their sixth full-length was released on the 1st of August and features cover art from the same artist responsible for some of Blind Guardian’s and Iced Earth’s releases.

We start off with the first track ‘United (Welcome Back)’ which introduces the album with the traditional high scream in classic heavy metal; the track is also partially continuing with the musical style of Dungeon, a old project from Lord Tim that disbanded in 2005. This is a track blending in harmonious riffs and chanting which very much showcases the uniqueness of power metal.

Following along is ‘Immortal’, beginning with a thrash-influenced opening similar to that of Testament, later leading on to Lord Tim’s exceptional vocal range as he tells his story based on the 2014 dark fantasy horror film “Dracula Untold”.

A personal favourite was the following track, ‘Fallen Idols’, which released a fantasy and adventurous feeling accompanied by a tone resembling the legendary Iron Maiden – the atmosphere was very upbeat and fetching. As you enter ‘Wilder Than The Wind”, you can notice the blending of traditional heavy metal and hard rock, bringing Saxon to your thoughts, dancing with a powerful sonic chorus and an approachable openness to mixing styles of metal music.

This next track, ‘Nod to the Old School’, speaks for itself as it is a notable highlight, commencing with an Annihilator-style opening riff and bringing back the nostalgic themes of late-80s metal; the fiery solos have a neoclassical aura running along with the old school vibes.

The upbeat and groovy riffs of ‘Chaos Raining’ complement the low-pitched and rough vocals, featuring the differing skills the band has to present to its listener as no two tracks share similarity. The following track ‘The Edge Of The World’ is a surprise yet a dream to those looking to experience a blended style of death-like blast-beasts, black metal influenced tremolo picking and raspy vocals combining itself with harmonic warrior-like chanting.

‘Counting Down The Hours’ almost offered a break from the exciting solos and high screaming as it resembled a relaxing ballad, listenable when staring into the reflection on a lake. Rob Halford would be honoured and glad to have his trademark vocal style and musical rhythm create such an inspiration as ‘Kill or Be Killed’, as it expresses more of Lord Tim’s unique vocal range and talent to produce such plentiful guitar solos.

Finally, this great release is conclude with an innocent and free sound resembling a young individual discovering galactic fantasy and sci-fi. It is very wholesome and presents an adventurous, child-like and curious innocence.

As mentioned before, a favourite aspect of this album was that no two tracks sounded the same; it is a great reflection of Lord’s imagination and open-mindedness which is highly appreciated and respectable in heavy metal music. It is highly recommended for listeners to invest their time and curiosity into such an extraordinary release.



1. United (Welcome Back)
2. Immortal
3. Fallen Idols
4. Wilder than the Wind
5. Nod to the Old School
6. Chaos Raining
7. The Edge of the World
8. Counting Down the Hours
9. Kill or be Killed
10. Master of Darkness

Band line-up:
Lord Tim – Vocals/guitars
Andy Dowling – Bass
Mark Furtner – Guitars


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