Krishna Peri – Cyclotron

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Reviewed: September 2019
Released: 06-01-2019, Self-release
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: R. Whitwell

Krishna Peri’s “Cyclotron” is an instrumental story about the adventures of a humanoid scientist, “Dr Quark“, who ends up on a planet named “Nabiru” after a freak experiment, with every single track being arranged to reflect different scenarios in his journey. 

It’s a good concept and well executed by Peri. Fans of the likes of Joe Satriani are going to get a lot out of this release as each track has plenty of fast-fingered fret bashing and sounds similar in tone to Satriani.

It’s completely instrumental (save for a few short sound clips) and each song manages to have a different feel, which is Peli’s intention as he wants the EP to tell a story.

I enjoyed the use of duelling guitars, with good use of stereo to emphasise the duelling feel in Critical Mass. It’s production elements like that that suggest there has been a lot of thought and work put into this project. Krishna Peri has been playing as part of cover bands for the past 6 years, so this project comes from a place of desire to create rather than imitate and knowing that actually made the experience more enjoyable. It’s a concept album but also a passion project.

The tempo drops for tracks 3 and 4, which still offers plenty of noodling but the driving rock of the other three tracks is more enjoyable.

Overall, it’s a solid set of songs with plenty of shifts in tone and style so it doesn’t get tiresome.



1. Escape Velocity (03:15)
2. Critical Mass (05:05)
3. Silver Linings (04:06)
4. Third from the Sun (01:58)
5. Cyclotron (05:30)

Band Line Up:

Krishna Peri – Lead/Rhythm guitars
Marcus Shammah – Bass guitar
Noble John – Drums
Joy Solomon – Keyboards/pads