Ewigkeit – Starscape

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Reviewed: September, 2019
Released: 2019, D.T.M. Productions
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Ambra Chilenwa

Surrounding themes from fantasy, politics and new age to space is experimental solo black metal project Ewigkeit from Brighton, United Kingdom. Originally starting as black metal, the project later progressed to various experimental and symphonic techniques. Ewigkeit was also featured on ‘Britannia Infernus – A History Of British Occult and Black Metal’ (2002). Mr. Fog’s Ewigkeit has previously released nine full-length albums with a tenth currently on the way via D.T.M. Productions.

The first three tracks created an ultimate bore and was very plain with no satisfaction and truthfully, only three tracks out of ten partially grasped my liking – “Return of Planet X” provided an equitable texture and methodically synthesised music but was overtaken by programmed drums; it is very surprising to listen to a black metal album containing countless symphonic keyboard pieces. “Lightspeed Evolution” kept a very placid and in-harmony tone, reserving a fantasy feel as it is accompanied by a mixture of guitars and more keyboards. It is only imaginable that someone who is into Dimmu Borgir or even Bad-Sagoth would enjoy this black metal piece; this is highly recommended for black metal fans who miss the sound of symphonic black metal hailing from the 1990s. Last but not least is “Capsule”, producing similar elements as previous songs but containing more of a rhythm, it created an atmosphere and a melody.

To conclude, this album was not personally as enjoyable as I was expecting, however this release will be enjoyable to those who are fan of pieces released by Dimmu Borgir and black metal projects with a fantasy aura; people who are looking to invest in different forms of black metal are welcome to give Fogart’s release a taste.


1. Point of Origin
2. Unveiling the Mystery
3. Legend of Keshara
4. Return of Planet X
5. Deviant
6. Lightspeed Evolution
7. Starscape
8. Capsule
9. Birth of Horus
10. Space Symphony

Band line-up:
Mr Fog – All instruments, vocals


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