Cazador – Failure To Thrive

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Cazador – Failure To Thrive
September 2019

Released: July 12th, 2019 / Self-Release
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Hailing from the New England region here in the U.S., Cazador has been crushing audiences in the Boston underground scene since 2015. FAILURE TO THRIVE is the band’s debut studio effort and one that is meant to turn some heads.

This is my first encounter with Cazador. When first out on the scene they were pretty much labeled a sludge-metal act. FAILURE TO THRIVE is not an album that can be put solely into that one category. This one is more of a tossed salad of genres which is nice that the band can travel in so many directions while keeping the listener on the hook.

One can hear throughout the bands main influences which include Isis, Neurosis to Deftones and Poison The Well yet there seems to also be quite the understanding of psychedelic rock as the band utilizes this genre throughout their tracks as well. Their blending of gloomy sludge, doom, post-metal, a twinge of hardcore and the aforementioned psychedelic rock tend to keep the listener on his or her toes as it surely did with me.

There are some pretty damn good tracks on this album. After the noise infused intro the second track SKELETON CREW blasts you in the face with sheer heaviness. That is until it breaks down into a more atmospheric psych vibe before the nuts get kicked right back up into your throat. KINGDOM is the reverse. While it starts off at a slow and somber pace that catapults one into an almost euphoric state of consciousness, those emotions are dismembered by the heavy sludgy doom filled angst at the three minute mark. The rest of the album sort of follows a bit of the same with the track COMEY edging a bit more of the hardcore side of things.

While I am a bit new to the band as a listener, I do not believe that this will be the last time I listen to Cazador. I really enjoyed what was laid out with this release. They have a style to them that I can’t say many others have. Cazador is a band that can easily make it out of the underground scene someday. And someday soon I might add. Keep up the good riffs guys. Check them out!


1. R62.7
2. Skeleton Crew
3. Children of Man
4. Kingdom
5. Failure to Thrive
6. Edema
7. Comey
8. Sassafras

Jake Quinn – Guitars
Joe Haryanto – Guitars, Vocals
Cliff Cazeau – Drums


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