Bruce Moore Releases WOMEN OF METAL Film This Fall

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I can remember at school in the 1970s, friends buying Roxy Music albums mainly for their album covers, and I am old enough to remember Cher when she remembered to put her dress on over her underclothes before she came out onto the stage to perform.

Still, time moves on and even now we have any number of female musicians who are an integral part of the Heavy Metal scene. Not just as singers, but guitarists and drummers as well. We were able to catch up with a number of musicians to find out what attracted them to the hard and heavy music world and if they had a story of how they took the plunge, what challenges they faced, and how things have changed, or if they have at all.

The film contains in-depth interviews with many females artists such as Liv Jagrell of Liv Sin, Tina Gunnarsson of Hexed, Margarita Monet of Edge of Paradise as well as many more.

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Run time 89 min