D.R.I. and Foreseen Helsinki

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Finland was quite isolated country somewhere up in the north seen from the perspective of several metal musicians in the 80’s. However bands like Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Kreator, Death Angel, and Nuclear Assault played here, until 2000 and forward several cult and classic metal bands from the heyday of the ’80s entered Finland for the first time. The legendary D.R.I made the debut appearance on the Finnish soil until now when they did two gigs in Finland. Originally the mighty crossover thrash pioneers were supposed to play at one of the metal festivals, but they scrapped the whole European tour. However until 2019 they finally made it to Finland. Welcome

The domestic crossover patrol Foreseen had got the privilege to kick the night off. The four-piece is known for aggressive and restless performances. The band didn’t rest on laurels, just keeping ranging with the intensive performance. The audience politely followed the band playing and performing during the 30 minutes. Meanwhile Foreseen playing the more and more people arrived at the venue. After all the whole place was totally packed and utterly full. The frontman of D.R.I Kurt Brecht sold the D.R.I merchandise quite a lot and obviously the selling was so good, some items were sold out quite quickly.

When Foreseen had finished the set, the D.R.I guys started tuning the instruments. Obviously Spike had some technical problems with the guitar tuning. The tuning took a little bit more time than expected as some wires had to be changed. After sorting out problems the set was kicked by “The Application” and was immediately followed “Coffin”. The whole 90 minute set of the glorious old school crossover/thrash stuff was the real mindblowing experience. It was quite scary to see how the 80’s teens, but now overweighted middle-aged crumpy old men, did the dangerous-looking stage divings. Some divers fell on the hard floor. That hurt for sure. All in all 32 songs were hammered down one by one within 90 minutes. The set definitely had all the D.R.I classic tunes. The latest ep called “But Wait… There’s More!”  was played as a whole. Frankly, those newer songs fitted perfectly along with the old classic ones. The whole band was on fire, so was the audience. Kurt Brecht thanked the audience and praised the Finnish D.R.I fans and stated Finns have waited over 30 years to see D.R.I. If the band had played in Finland in the ’80s, the whole venue would have torn down. Even though the main men of D.R.I have been touring the world and faced up-and-down moments, but the band and both Kurt and Spike had the ultimate passion to thrash out during the whole show. Hopefully D.R.I will be seen once again in Finland, not later than 30 years, but sooner.

The Application
A Coffin
Fun and Games
Violent Pacification
I’d Rather Be Sleeping
Soup Kitchen
Do the Dream
Argument Then War
Equal People
Yes Ma’am
The Explorer
Problem Addict
Acid Rain
Nursing Home Blues
Against Me
As Seen on TV
Mad Man
Couch Slouch
Who Am I
Dead in a Ditch
Suit & Tie Guy
I’m the Liar
Syringes in the Sandbox
I Don’t Need Society
Beneath the Wheel
The Five Year Plan