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SCIMITAR: L-R: Clayton Basi (Drums) | Angus Lennox (Vocals/Bass) | Jesse Turner (Guitars) | Noel Anstey (Guitars)
Photo Credit: Aaron Lam

Canada’s SCIMITAR have been relatively quiet the past couple years as they toil away on their latest album. ‘Shadows of Man’ is now ready to be revealed to the world with its exclusive stream right here on

The harmonious blend of melodic death, black and folk metal is relentlessly bombastic and SCIMITAR are very excited to share this new chapter of their musical history with fans. Thematically it is quite a departure from the previous maritime-influenced debut album, ‘Black Waters’, and SCIMITAR believes their fans will enjoy the variation in atmosphere. They share what they want to accomplish:

“The main experience we are trying to convey is a feeling of grandiose originality. The single Knights Collapse, in particular, is quite an original blend of genres; all of which are not necessarily metal. Lyrically, ‘Shadows of Man’ is a statement of coherence superimposed over the divergent narratives of human experience and history. By exploring these narratives from vastly different areas, epochs and perspectives, we seek to demonstrate the futility of humanity’s divisions and the inevitability of history to repeat itself across our conceived boundaries.”

‘Shadows of Man’ is officially out as of August 23rd, 2019, but can be heard in full below:

Show Dates:
Aug 22 – Centennial Square – Vancouver Island Metal Festival – Victoria, BC – info

Track Listing:
1. State of Nature
2. Knights Collapse
3. Flayed on the Birch Rack
4. Wandering at the Moon
5. To Cultivate with Spears
6. Shadows of Man I: Imperium
7. Shadows of Man II: Cataclysm
8. Where Ancient Spectres Lie
9. Mysterium, Tremendum et Fascinans

For More Info:


Scimitar is a metal band hailing from the island capital of Victoria, BC, Canada. Combining influences from melodic-death, folk, and black metal; Scimitar features uncompromisingly heavy drums, high-rollicking fingerstyle bass, dual-guitar-driven harmonies, and gruff yet sharply enunciated harsh vocals that deliver lyrics based in historical fiction and fantasy.

Since 2008 they have firmly cemented their boots in the western Canadian music scene opening for the likes of Ensiferum, Septic Flesh, and Arkona; playing at festivals including Absolute Underground’s Rising Scum Fest, Vancouver Island Metal Festival and Armstrong Metal Fest and releasing two full-length albums, ‘Black Waters’ in 2010 and ‘Shadows of Man’ in 2019.

This musical package is manifested live through blistering energy and sword-edged focus on the audience. Most of Scimitar’s chronicle remains blank, as they have much more to offer the world of metal.


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