Vital Remains – Evil-Death-Live (DVD Review)

Vital Remains – Evil-Death-Live (DVD Review)
Review Date:
 August,  2019
Released: 2007, Metal Mind
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It is extremely rarely that I buy the same album or DVD twice. Who has the money for that? EVIL-DEATH-LIVE was a rare exception however.  I had originally bought this DVD way back in the regular style package for DVD.  Then, recently, I came across this special, limited edition version.  Not only did it come with the Live CD as a bonus it has the most bizarre packaging of any DVD I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to document it for you to see!  I couldn’t even find a picture on-line so I took one of my own for you.  It has this weird double-sided plastic tray that slides out of the housing at a weird angle and a fold-over cover. It’s pretty weak and easily damaged.  It’s probably why the format never caught on.

On a side note it is annoying that they band/record label didn’t release this as a stand-alone live album on CD in jewel-case.  Now, guys like me who want the live CD have to buy another copy of the DVD. The true fans get punished once again.  No matter, since I am slowly trying to review every Metal DVD ever, this seems like a good time to have a quick review of this.

EVIL-DEATH-LIVE is part of the series of DVD’s released by Metal Mind productions.  How it worked was that when a band toured Poland they would all play in this high-tech hall in Katowice and the label would churn out these pretty standard DVD’s. There about a couple dozen in the series. This one has gorgeous cover art, and comes with a booklet with credits and a few photos.

Like most DVD’s in the series, the concert is short, under an hour, with no frills, not much stage-set-up or pyro or anything.  It is a pro-shot, multi-camera shoot with excellent lighting.  The stage is huge and sometimes these bands look a bit lost. The crowd is surprisingly large as well.  After the somewhat creepy intro music with sound-effects of Jesus being whipping and crucified, the band tear into ‘Where Is Your God Now?’ and never look back.  This DVD features short-tenured vocalist Damien Boynton, who runs around the stage looking a bit like a maniac with a wild-eyed stare.  This is a good thing!  55 minutes later, it’s all over but the drinking.

As a side note, Vital Remains had so many vocalists over the years, that might have contributed to the fact the band were survivors but never made it to the next level.  The addition of Glen Benton on vocals helped, but after two albums he left and that surge of momentum was gone and Damien had big shoes to fill on that tour.  He did his best and it is captured on tape!

The bonus features on the DVD are decent.  There is a 27-minute interview with Tony Lazaro and David Suzuki, which is boring (visually) to watch, they just sit on a coach in front of plain backdrop, but they talk about the history of the band that is really neat.  There is also some pretty raw footage of a club gig in Poland, five songs.  There is an eight-minute home-video of Suzuki warming up and shredding backstage.   There are lots of other features like desktop images, photo-galleries and web-links and while that was cool in the 200’s, it all seems pretty outdated today in 2019.

It has been 12 years since ICONS OF EVIL so I don’t know what is going on with the band but if this DVD is the last thing they ever release it is a nice exclamation point on their career.

Track Listing:

1. Intro I – Where Is Your God Now
2. Icons of Evil
3. Scorned
4. Born to Rape the World
5. Hammer Down the Nails
6. Intro II – Let the Killing Begin
7. Dechristianize
8. Infidel
9. Devoured Elysium

Line Up: 

Tony Lazaro-Guitar

Dave Suzuki-Guitar, Vocals (backing)

Antonio Donadeo-Drums

Damien Boynton-Vocals

Brian Hobbie-Bass

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