Lee, Geddy- Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book Of Bass (Book review)

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Lee, Geddy- Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book Of Bass (Book review)
Released: 2019, Harper Design
Reviewed: August, 2019
Reviewer: JP
Rating: 4/5

Let’s face it.  GEDDY LEE’S BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF BASS, when you get right down to it is nothing more than a coffee table book consisting of pictures of some dudes bass guitar collection.   Knowing that, you are automatically in or out.  However, B4, as I will call it for the rest of the review (because I’m too lazy to type GEDDY LEE’S BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF BASS every time) is much more than ‘just’ pictures of some guys collection.

This gorgeous, oversized, hardbound book came to my library via my wife as a surprise present for our 10th wedding anniversary, the ‘Metal’ anniversary. How appropriate.   This 400+ page behemoth is sub-titled ‘A compendium of the rare, iconic and weird’ is truly a labour of love.  I say it is more than just pictures because there are so many little details and elements added to this celebration of the bassists hobby/obsession.  There are interviews, commentaries, a comedic time-line of the bass, a fold-out section of live shots of Geddy, a touring history of his basses used on stage for Rush and many more neat little additions that bring what could have been a dull collection of photos to life. The interviews include Bob Daisley (Ex-Rainbow), Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Les Claypool (Primus) and a handful of other players we don’t need to mention on Metal-Rules.com.   The book is neatly broken into sections based (pun intended) into the various manufacturers of bass guitars, Fender, Gibson etc. Hundreds of photos of cool, rare and interesting bass guitars are lovingly presented on high quality, glossy stock paper packed with side-bars and anecdotes of rock and roll history of bands and the instrument. Geddy’s love, enthusiasm and knowledge become quickly apparent and infectious as Geddy’s long-time friend and bandmate Alex Lifeson quips in his ‘backword’, after seeing this book he want to become a bassist too!

I’m not a bass player (or any instrument for that matter) but I am a Rush fan and I felt there would probably be enough crossover fans of rush who read Metal-Rules.com to warrant reviewing B4.  I do also have some understand the nature of collecting, collections, archiving, documenting, celebrating and sharing one’s hobby and that is why this book appeals to me so much. I was surprised that Geddy really didn’t get into serious bass collecting until 2013!

Lee is quoted on the back cover as saying, It’s not surprising that sooner or later I’d dive down the proverbial rabbit hole into the world of vintage bass guitars”.   Well, for fans of Rush and bass guitars, B4 is your tour guide down that rabbit hole and it is wonderful!  Metal fans can be curious, Rush fans raise this score to a perfect five out of five.

Technical Details:

Format Reviewed: Hardcover

Publisher:  Harper Design

Pages: 400+

Websites: www.rushbackstage.com/dept/book-of-bass?cp=102112_102929