Kryptos – Afterburner

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Kryptos – Afterburner
Reviewed: August 2019

Released: June 21st, 2019 / AFM Records
Rating: 5 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Here ye, here ye. May I take a moment to shout to the masses about this little band hailing from Bangalore, India. The band is Kryptos and the have been burning up the metal scene in India since their formation in 1998. It was the 2004 debut SPIRAL ASCENT where the band really started to turns the heads of the international metal community to much acclaim.
Kryptos have long been considered to be one of the true spearheads of the Indian metal revolution upholding the old school metal ethos laid down by the 80’s NWOBHM/Thrash movements. Since their inception, the band has released five albums with AFTERBUNER here being number five of course.
Their hard driving brand of classic metal has earned them opening spots and tours over the years with such acts as Testament, Kreator, Suidakra, Death Angel, and Iron Maiden. They became the first metal band from India to tour Europe and have played a Wacken twice now with their 2013 appearance being the first time a band from India has played a full set.

Their brand of metal is essentially a classic heavy metal blend with an old school thrash vibe. They focus on fusing NWOBHM styling with elements of 1980’s thrash metal. Their primary influences include Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden along with secondary influences such as Coroner, Kreator, Mercyful Fate, and Candlemass.

With an ever growing number of bands playing this style of heavy metal these days, there does seem to the haters as usual who comment on the fact that these bands have no originality. Well, not true. Sure, they may have a sound that for many of us takes us back to when metal music was all new and innovating but I have not come across one yet that just sounds like a knockoff.

With all of Kryptos’ classic sounding nuisances, they are moving a classic genre forward with a style and sound all their own. Along with bands like Pharoh, Icarus Witch, Blade Killer, and Haunt to name a couple, these guys are laying down some of the best riffs in the scene.
AFTERBURNER is not only another great notch in the discography of the band, but another notch in the realm of great heavy metal history that only after one listen will make you think “instant classic.” This is one of those albums you will play over and over again. Yes, it is that infectious of a metal album.


1. Afterburner
2. Cold Blood
3. Dead of Night
4. Red Dawn
5. On the Run
6. The Crimson Queen
7. Mach Speed Running
8. Into the Wind

Ganesh K. – Bass, Vocals (additional)
Nolan Lewis – Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Rohit Chaturvedi – Guitars (lead), Keyboards, Vocals (additional)