John 5 – Invasion

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John 5 – Invasion
 August,  2019
Released: 2019, 60 Cycle Hum
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m not sure how it happened, but many years I just suddenly became a John 5 fan just seemingly out of nowhere.  All of a sudden I have about eight John 5 releases in my collection!  Weird.

INVASION is the newest effort comes with an old-time pulp-fiction magazine style cover art, which is totally perfect for John 5. The prolific guitarist finished off his tour of the last live album and got straight to work.

INVASION is billed as ‘John 5 and the Creatures’ and maybe has a very slightly more song-oriented vibe, maybe a bit more of a band feel to the collection of songs. One thing I noticed is that he plays a little less in the flamenco and hill-billy, blue-grass style he is so well known for incorporating. I hear a tiny bit more funk this time around, but it is hard to quantify these things.  All you really need to know is that whatever it is, it’s loose, fun.  Check out the toy laser-gun effects and girls screaming in the track ‘I Am John 5’.  In my mind’s eye I can see the giant John 5 invading the planet, 60’s Sci-fi style while this song plays.

Everywhere the 35-minute, 10-track shreds and shreds and shreds some more, so much energy, so fun and always listenable. ‘Midnight Mass’ is hyper-kinetic, ‘Cactus Flower’ is slow and tender, and as one might expect the song, ‘I Like The Funk’ is…well…funky!  Technically, it is an instrumental album but with a few well-placed words here and there, cool sound-effects keep it all interesting.

INVASION continues John 5’s fun and entertaining legacy with ease!



Track Listing:

  1. Invasion

  2. I Am John 5

  3. Midnight Mass

  4. Zoinks!

  5. Howdy

  6. Crank It-Living With Ghosts

  7. Cactus Flower

  8. I Want It All

  9. I Like The Funk

  10. Constant Sorrow

Line Up:

John 5