Dreams In Fragments – Reflections Of A Nightmare

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Dreams In Fragments – Reflections Of A Nightmare
Reviewed: August 2019

Released: June 28th, 2019 / Rockshots Records
Rating: 4 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Dreams in Fragments are a relatively new symphonic metal band from Switzerland. Dreams In Fragments are a dark metal band in the vein of Delain or Nightwish bringing together Seraina Schoepfer’s delicate, operatic vocals with Christian Geissmann’s harsh growls, overlaying dreamy orchestral extravaganzas with some heavier guitar assaults.

While the debut album here, REFLECTIONS OF A NIGHTMARE is a darkly symphonic and gothic sounding sleigh ride, and one that is done very well, to me there does not seem to be anything overly new to contribute to this ever growing genre.

Vocally and musically, Dreams In Fragments are at the top of their game. Schoepfer’s delivery on each track is just about a perfect a match to the music as you can get. Not too over the top and always sung in the right range. I do enjoy the fact that there is a bit more of a groove to the heavier parts of the songs with a chunkier tone to the guitar parts. And as with any symphonic metal band, the keys are essential to the delivery. They do not over saturate the music yet are a vital portion of the bands formula which once again is very well done.

I can’t say that this debut is going to bust the charts or anything like that. It is a solid and cohesive effort and a really good debut. From my experiences and likes within the genre, I feel they could step it up a bit more in the creativity department. Not that staying on this pace would be bad for them; it’s just, I feel the genre needs to be pushed a bit. Dreams If Fragments has what it takes to push that envelope. As with any genre, the repetitiveness of bands releases gets old pretty fast.

In a nutshell, REFLECTIONS OF A NIGHTMARE is a solid album that, if this style is you cup of tea, needs to be ordered up. it is a good listen on more than one occasion.

1. Everytime
2. Nightchild
3. The Maze
4. Incomplete
5. Prologue
6. Defy Every Storm
7. Falling with a Crown
8. Little Red
9. In Flames
10. Unireverse

Jan Thomas – Bass
Franc Fritschi – Drums
Christian Geissmann – Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Seraina Schöpfer – Vocals