Cerberus (Mexico) – Fire!

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Cerberus (Mexico) – Fire!
Reviewed: August 2019

Released: July 12th, 2019 / Self-Release
Rating: 4.5 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Cerberus was formed in Mexico City, Mexico in 2010 by Paul Wrath at the age of 15. It didn’t take CERBERUS long to find their footing in 2014 with release of their critically acclaimed album OTURA KA which received rave reviews from publications like Rolling Stone (Mexico). An album I will need to go back and look into. Over the next few years the band quickly became one of Mexico’s biggest metal acts playing shows with the likes of Metallica, HIM, Steel Panther and KnotFest Mexico among others.

FIRE! was recorded at Twilight Sound Studios by Paul Wrath, Akashsa Sound Lab in Mexico City by Güido Laris and El Cielo Recording Studio in Monterrey by Jim Monti (Metallica, Korn, Slipknot), and Adrian “Rojo” Treviño. The record was mixed by 5-time Grammy Award winning producer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Halestorm, In Flames) and mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen (Pantera, Deftones, Slipknot). The albums bonus track “Shut The Fuck Up” was mixed by Metallica producer Greg Fidelman. Album artwork was done by Dan Scholz at Affliction Clothing.

Stylistically, Cerberus’ sound is a blend of NWOBHM with a modern edge. Very comparable to Bullet For My Valentine. Their songs are full of groove, progressiveness, infectious melodies, amazing riffs and solos with a thrash inspired fuel to them.

The album starts off with the power ballad “Forever” which had me a bit confused at first listen. Maybe it is my download I received as the track listing does read a bit different then my copy. I’m going to roll with what I have to work with. So after actually paying attention to the album on my second spin through, from track to track it really picks up steam after the opener getting a bit heavier with each track. That is until the 5th track which is another “hit” sounding power ballad. From there, things only get better. “Tekilla” is one of those heavy party tracks in the vein of Tankard. Not quite as thrashy, but reminiscent of something they would do. Great track!

While they tend to have a recognizable sound of their own, the music here has been done in one way or another in the past. And I mean the resent past. This band does not fall back to a classic era of metal. This is somewhat fresh and very well done. One listen to FIRE! and you will understand why Cerberus are the biggest metal band south of the U.S. border. These guys are a tight knit machine pulling no stops when it comes to writing and playing great metal. There is not a dull, boring or bad track on this one. No matter what order the songs are in.

1. The Ending
2. Off Limits
3. Lust for Blood
4. Jaeger
5. Self Made Hell
6. Last Dance
7. Saint Pride
8. I’m Fire
9. Huntress
10. Rise with the Fallen
11. Tekilla
12. Forever
13. Tekilla (Spanish Version)

Ed Khronos – Drums
Paul Wrath – Vocals, Guitars (lead)
Jerome D’Beast – Bass
Vernon Eden – Guitars (rhythm)