Backstabber – Conspiracy Theorist

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Reviewed: August, 2019
Released: 2019, Self-released
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Ambra Chilenwa

I must admit, I had a very bad first impression on this release due to the artwork as I am personally not a fan of space and alien imagery. However, I was not ready for the fascination about to unravel. Today we have a death-thrash band who hail from Northern Quebec, Canada; released this past February, this relentless full-length encircles matters from scandals, conspiracies and mainstream media as “ignorance is a weapon for mass manipulation” (from the track ‘Whistle Blower’). The trio has also released a 3-track demo from 2016 called ‘Revenge’ followed by a single taken from their full-length named ’Subterranean’.

Vocalist/guitarist Christian M. Thériault adds:
“‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is an album that’s meant to open your mind about the way the world revolves around us as it offers a new perspective on many issues that we see in our lives.”

This release has reached a new streak of an outstanding record not only because of their unbelievable lyrical skills and amazing musical approach – the drumming, executed perfectly by Patrick Gagne, was excellent. Each instrument played collectively well and brought out total savagery; this is mesmerising and pure death-thrash impressiveness. You will be held with a hard allurement to play this record continuously,

The tracks that attracted my attention the most were ‘Ink Spill’, ‘My Disclosure’ and ‘Banksters’: continuing the old-school texture, these tracks, as well as the entire full-length, include no clean vocals nor breakdowns; all that is contained is substantial and complete death-thrash metal led on by a superb stream of undeniable thinking and design. Backstabber’s music can definitely be cherished over time by fans of Decapitated, At The Gates, Deicide and Hypocrisy as the band grows in following. This release shows glory in blending their musical layout with dynamic and spirited riffs.

Album CD order and download available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and all major online retailers.


1. Inaugural Address
2. Whistle Blower
3. No Privacy
4. Subterranean
5. Ink Spill
6. The Hum
7. My Disclosure
8. Geo Engineering
9. Banksters
10. Conspiracy Theorist

Band line-up:
Christian Mongrain-Thériault – Guitar, vocals
Éric Séguin – Bass, vocals
Patrick Gagne – Drums